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Prowess - Mono Red Kiln Fiend

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My Prowess Modern deck. Started out as my Standard deck during Scars of Mirrodin but only has a few cards in common with that now.


The Mainboard is pretty straightforward, get a creature in play, fire off your cheap spells for Prowess/Kiln Fiend triggers, attack, preferably with Double Strike or Trample. This is a turn 3 kill with a Kiln Fiend down and Assault Strobe + two more 1 cost spells in hand. Something I actually pulled off in MTGO (back when it was my old standard deck).

A few of the cards are dead draws if your opponent is running a creature light deck, notably Kari Zev's Expertise and but I have enough in my sideboard that I can swap most of them out for something more useful in round two.

In order to stop this deck running out of steam when you are casting multiple spells a turn, it includes card draw in the form of Expedite , Renegade Tactics , Bedlam Reveler and of course Chandra, Torch of Defiance . Not bad for a red deck huh?


  • 1x Blood Moon to help against Tron and any other decks that rely on Non-Basics.
  • 2x Burn from Within for use either as a finisher or removal of otherwise tricky creatures.
  • 4x Reality Hemorrhage , a colourless spell to deal with firewalkers and the like.
  • 2x Reverberate is just a cool spell with a billion and one uses, not least is countering a counterspells. If I'm honest I should probably swap them for more copies of Blood Moon...
  • 2x Skullcrack is there to help against lifegain/fog effects.
  • 4x Shattering Spree gets swapped in against artifact heavy decks. Importantly it can remove Chalice of the Void on one using replicate which would otherwise completely shut down this deck.



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