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Protection: A Commander Story

Commander / EDH


I got this idea when I was looking at some really old MTG cards from a while back and thought "Hey, why not just put this into an actual deck?" And here we are...

Anyway the main idea is to cycle or cast the Runes (Though getting them all in the grave would be great thanks to cards like Open the Vaults) and then effectively give myself protection from every color & artifacts. Since they are all white, I thought to use Eight-and-a-Half-Tails since he fits with the theme of the deck and very much enjoys shenanigans like this. Though in retrospect this deck may have worked better as a Zur the Enchanter deck. I guess I can try it out later.

I chose to use the cycling mechanic because I like that it's cheap and it replaces itself. Also the instant speed makes it very practical. Astral Slide also is great in this deck because it just adds another layer of control. With Astral Slide you can do many things ranging from being a cheap Mystifying Maze to flickering powerful creatures like Sun Titan to return the runes or Angelic Renewal from the grave.

The main focus of this deck originally was to get it under $20, but I'm more satisfied with how it turned out like this. Cycling is a nice mechanic in white, which pales in comparison to green or blue on the front of card draw, and utilizing the runes makes it so that you don't have to rely entirely on Eight-and-a-Half-Tails for everything. There is enough enchantment recursion in the deck to keep the dream alive as well. Obviously the deck is primarily lacking in a win condition, but it also wont die very easily. If i were to add one type of card to fill that gap, I believe it would need to be a big life linker. Like Luminarch Ascension is a powerful win condition itself, but the deck needs more to it then one enchantment. Maybe Gideon, Champion of Justice would be good if he was a slight bit cheaper.


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