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Prosh, the one shot machine

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This deck exploits Prosh's cast trigger in a multitude of ways, from nearly infinite mana to cast creatures with food chain, to generating a near infinite amount of red or green with Xenagos, to milling an opponent with altar of the brood, to just generally degenerate things. this deck is something of a "control" deck in that you usually have some sort of answer to nearly everything your opponents do.


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So... as you may have noticed.... Skarrg, the rage pits, Oblisk of jund and Nighthowler are out, Kessig wolf run, Growing Rites of itlamoc and DarkSteel Ingot are in.

I've been going to a comander night for a while now but this is the first time i've ever gone and just completely destroyed.

Growing Rites of Itlamoc completely pushes this deck into absurdity with its gaia's cradle effect when flipped meaning that you get to cast X spells for regularly 10+


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This deck is Commander / EDH legal.

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