This deck is about using proliferate so much it's silly. The core cards of the deck are Contagion Engine, Everflowing Chalice, and the various artifact untapping cards.

Explanation of Cards:

Alloy Myr : Helps with mana fixing and generating colorless mana.

Contagion Clasp: This allows for more proliferate options if you can't get an engine.

Contagion Engine: The main card of the deck, can wipe out all of your opponent's creatures and is the main proliferate card.

Everflowing Chalice: With proliferate this card can generate tons of mana. When you can untap it it is even better :)

Fabricate: Just fetches the artifacts you need to get the combo going.

Inexorable Tide : Everything proliferates :)

Liquimetal Coating: Helps with Memnarch .

Memnarch : With infinite mana and some color fixing, you can steal pretty much all of your opponents things. Also makes it so your lands can untap from Unwinding Clock.

Prophetic Prism: Color fixing for Memnarch and some card draw.

Jayemdae Tome : Once you get some mana and untapping you can draw your entire library to get the cards you need.

Synod Artificer: With Everflowing Chalice and Unbender Tine can generate infinite mana and proliferate.

Training Grounds: Makes Memnarch and Viral Drake awesome.

Unbender Tine : Able to untap any of your permanents, needed for infinite combing.

Unwinding Clock: In case you can't get infinite going, this makes it so you can wreck your opponent even on their turn.

Viral Drake : More proliferate, and can poison the opponent for an easy win condition.

Overall this deck looks really fun. I don't have the cards so I would be buying them all as singles. Because of that I am trying to keep this deck as budget as possible. If you have any suggestions feel free to comment, I will consider anything someone has to say.


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