Project: Guardian

Status: Complete

As directed by Prime Speaker Vannifar, this project was given highest priority to ensure the toughest, most adaptable warriors on Ravnica belong to the Simic. This was achieved with the use of the Ex-Prime Speaker Vig's cytoplasts (note: non-Kraj variant) and the Planeswalker Karn's mysterious technology.

The now Simic-controlled Bastion of Karn allowed for increased project speed. By merging the cytoplasts with the unusual genetic material and technologies within, the cytoplasts can now replicate at an increased rate. Karn's technology has also allowed for the creation of new warriors with similar abilities, including Subject: Roalesk. When combined with replication magic, such as his favoured Blade of Selves, Subject: Roalesk's unique physiology seems to greatly enhance cytoplast replication rates.

The increased rate of cytoplast production has allowed old test subjects, who could previously unable to generate the required cytoplasts, to become important hosts. Subject: Sporeback has been shown to save subjects from death, Subject: Plax has been able to deflect spells and Subject: Squirt can give our forces much needed evasion. (note: Subject: Cyto-Queen to be used against traitors).

Also, some Planswalkers have shown an interest in the Simic Vision. Vivien Reid inspected several Krasis Containment Pools and seems interested in adding several variants to her weapon, whilst the Soratami, Tamiyo, has agreed to several Soratami DNA samples in exchange for low-level research access. The child, Pir, is also proving to be an invaluable asset to the Simic.

The Simic Ascendancy is nigh!

End Report.


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Addendum: "Ikoria"

Although the Planeswalker Tamiyo has left our service, our alliance with Vivien Reid has proven useful. She returned from a plane called "Ikoria", with the shard of something called The Ozolith, which she claims triggers mutations to the various beasts on the plane.

She also returned with several Ikorian samples trapped in amber (which somehow survived planar travel, investigate later). These samples will prove useful to our cause.

End Addendum.


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