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Welcome to my Ezuri, Claw of Progress EDH deck! This is the latest version of a deck that has come and gone over the years. It started out as my first foray into EDH that didn't have any black in it at all. While the transition from black was jarring at first, the decks high synergy and focused theme quickly made it one of my favorites. The deck is really based around a simple concept: +1/+1 counters. The real crux of building this deck was realizing that any creature can become a threat if you put enough +1/+1 counters on it. As such, there aren't really any bombs. This results in a well-oiled, and low-to-the-ground deck that can hold its own in many different metas.

Try setting sort to Custom to see my thought process when designing the deck!

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Ezuri, Claw of Progress is a straight forward commander that is exemplary of his colors. His mechanic is simple, the power of any creature that enters our side of the battlefield is checked. If that power is two or less, we get an experience counter. These experience counters are used to place +1/+1 counters on a creature at the beginning of our combat step. In this way, Ezuri is able to turn any creature on our side into a potential threat. To capitalize on his ability, I chose to focus on unblockable, low-mana creatures that we can then buff with his ability. No creature in the deck, save Ezuri himself, has greater than two power. This means that any creature we play while Ezuri is out increases the number of experience counters, and therefore the number of +1/+1 counters we will be placing.

Some cards have a place in (nearly) every EDH deck. Most of these so-called staples serve one purpose: color fixing. As the number of colors in a deck increases, so too does the need for color fixing. The primary method of color fixing in the deck is through effective use of dual and fetch lands. My research on the topic has lead me to create what I believe to be an optimized mana base for the deck. This was achieved by removing as many tap lands as possible and replacing them with dual lands that have a way to enter the battlefield untapped.

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Removal is a key concept in many EDH decks. If your deck doesn't have the ability to counter a spell, removal is the next best option. The key deciding factor for removal spells in this deck is versatility. Any spell that does more than simply destroy a creature is an outstanding choice.

The deck's basic victory strategy is to do what Simic does best: put +1/+1 counters on creatures. To that end I chose a selection of powerful effects to place and duplicate counters on another selection of evasive creatures. By using small, evasive creatures, I am able to build a threat from an innocuous start e.g. Slippery Boggle has become a 24/24 and actually knocked players out of a game.

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Any given deck has a number of sub-themes running in the background of the overall deck architecture.

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This deck, like any deck, has a few weaknesses. First, is its reliance on Ezuri, Claw of Progress. Protecting him should be a priority, as without him the deck becomes much more difficult to pilot. Consider holding up a Counterspell or Arcane Denial to protect him. Second, is its vulnerability to boardwipes. Being a creature-based deck, board wipes are the bane of our existence. The deck's low curve and card draw potential help with recovery, but a well-timed Counterspell or Heroic Intervention are the ideal ways to prevent board wipes. Finally, due to the color identity, the deck struggles somewhat with creature removal. I've included a handful of removal spells from the colors e.g. Pongify, but there simply isn't a lot to choose from. That being said, creature-based deck matchups can be won with proper board positioning and usage of counter magic and protective spells.


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