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Here is listed this decks main win conditions.

Progenitus : Our commander, which has protection from everything, meaning it's unblockable 10dmg. Also means it is hard to remove short of a board wipe.

Approach of the Second Sun : Cast when you have draw power available to dial down the clock faster.

Hellkite Tyrant : Clues help our artifact count here, and if there's an artifact based opponent then all the better. Yes I know... Mycosynth Lattice is a thing, but I feel that would require more devotion to it to include.

Maze's End : Our primary wincon, however there is that one person that runs land destro stuff... just makes it harder to achieve.

Whatever generates card advantage you will find here.

Enlightened Tutor : Prime candidates are: Crucible, Wild-Rec, Terra Eternal, or Primal Amulet.

Expansion / Explosion : The second half is what we're after.

Sphinx's Revelation : Instant card draw, and a bit of life gain.

Guild Summit : Appropriate considering we are always in fishing for gates..

Trail of Evidence : As we are moderately spell heavy this can crank out a good amount of tokens.

Weirding Wood : A one shot wonder with other benefits.

Tireless Tracker : Why they couldn't just call it Landfall is beyond me, but yea, landfall- get a clue.

Tamiyo's Journal : Use clues to tutor.

Here you can find all the cards aimed at finding and playing extra lands, as well as ramp and other land related things.

Finding Land:

Circuitous Route : Nevermind the basics, get the gates..

Hour of Promise : Grab Maze and Vesuva if you don't have them.

Open the Gates : Again, screw the basic.

Pir's Whim : It's Pir's Whim to get you a land and piss everyone else off.

Tempt with Discovery : Always a mystery on how much land you can get for 4cmc.

Realms Uncharted : Get 2 now, and 2 later when you play them from the grave.

District Guide : Will lead you to your nearest Gate.

Gatecreeper Vine : You'll find a gate through the vines.

Knight of the Reliquary : Sac a forest, grab a land, play forest from grave, repeat..

Ulvenwald Hydra : Drags land behind him when he comes.

Expedition Map : A map to our maze? Fantastic!.

Playing Extra Land

Broken Bond : Break something, make something. The circle of life continues.

Explore : Play and extra card, draw an extra card.

Urban Evolution : Like explore, just move cards and higher cost.

Growth Spiral : Like explore only instant speed.

Mina and Denn, Wildborn : Play extra lands, save lands from destruction, give trample to other peoples commanders for Shiggles.

Wayward Swordtooth : If only city's blessing was more like monarch, oh well, playing more lands is still good.

Playing from the Grave

Life from the Loam : Dig up Lands from the grave, repeatable with dredge.

Splendid Reclamation : because Armageddon is a thing.

Ramunap Excavator : Allows us to safely discard lands, have the odd one blown up.

Sun Titan : Not land exclusive, but it helps lands dont have a cmc anyways.

Crucible of Worlds : Maybe we could use more sac land abilities too.


Fertile Ground : These next few cards all pair well with Wilderness Reclamation , otherwise we'd likely just run dorks.

Gift of Paradise :See Above.

Market Festival : See Above.

Weirding Wood : See Above.

Lotus Cobra : Our poor mans Amulet of Vigor . While it doesn't untap things it provides mana with each land drop.

Chromatic Lantern : No more worrying about which land produces what.

5 other mana rocks in deck list.

Other Stuff

Terra Eternal : In case we encounter that one guy that plays MLD.

Wilderness Reclamation : I only wish it were each endstep, still, we can do some pretty crazy things with it.

Courser of Kruphix : Play lands from top even if your hand is getting full of Lands, you can just discard and play from gy with other things.

Tatyova, Benthic Druid : Turning lands into cantrips.

Here is our pest removal section.

Broken Bond : A/E removal with benefits.

Cleansing Nova : Choices are nice, though 9/10 it will likely be creatures as we have few.

Gates Ablaze : Has a range of 1-11dmg technically being as there are 11 gates.

Merciless Eviction : When there are things you just dont want to see again.

Pir's Whim : You don't get to choose, but sometimes they only have one good one.

Ritual of Soot : Hits all tokens regardless of size, and all the little things like dorks and other annoyances.

Supreme Verdict : Counterspell you say? It doesn't matter what you say!.

Wrath of God : AKA Wrath of Progenitus for flavor.

Anguished Unmaking : Exile is always the best removal.

Aurelia's Fury : Such a versatile spell, tap things, prevent spells being cast, or straight up kill things.

Electrodominance : Kind of like a contract killing, kill something, and get paid.

Expansion / Explosion : Either copy an important spell, or pain someone to draw some cards.

Fall of the Titans : We definately want to aim for the Surge cost with this one.

Swords to Plowshares : Life means little to our deck when we have alternative wincons.

Utter End : Utter Exile.

Wear / Tear : 2 for 1 special.

In this section we will cover the land selection. Obviously by now we know of the gates so they don't really require explaining.

Ash Barrens : Good for mana fixing, can also replay from grave, then bounce it repeatedly.

Plaza of Harmony : A good target to bounce with lands and Mina/Denn.

Scavenger Grounds : For those pesky grave reliant decks.

Thespian's Stage : Mainly to copy Maze's End but can be used in a pinch for other things.

Vesuva : See above.

For those that don't want to go through the whole thing I'll give a brief rundown of some of the key elements. Maze's End is our 'go to' win on by cranking out the gates as fast as possible. Our commander Progenitus can also be a threat as commander damage adds up quick. Approach of the Second Sun puts the game on a clock which can be fast if you have enough draw. And if all else fails try collecting enough artifacts with Hellkite Tyrant . We have enough board wipes to give us the time needed to set up usually.

Other combinations to pull off (not necessarily game winning ones) include our spells and Wilderness Reclamation . Primal Wellspring is also good with that mix for double the impact. Also to get gates faster we can copy Maze with Vesuva and Thespian's Stage . Mina and Denn, Wildborn can save us from land destruction, also allow us to reuse Ash Barrens & Plaza of Harmony .

As always, thanks for your interest and suggestions, and leave a +1 if you like. Also, if its good enough for a folder, it's good enough for a vote. Happy Tapping!


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