For this deck I have tried using the Primespeaker bant list as a core mixed with Melissa DeToras Wolf Run Bant manabase. I think Progenitor Mimic is just such a fun and versatile card. The main win con is Progenitor Mimic on Thragtusk but you have several other options mainboard with Acidic Slime and Angel of Serenity.

I will be taking this to the coming FNM so any tips / comments would be greatly appreciated!

Also thank you in advance for any +1s!


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I did have trouble in the control mirror especially against Esper which I thought was a bad match up for me anyway I just didn't realise how much of a bad match up it really is. I found trying to play through counter magic was a nightmare the Esper players I went against were extremely good at preempting what I was playing and would counter my creatures over my Sphinx as they would just deck me with Nephalia Drownyard. Resolving a threat was a real issue but as Esper is such a small part of the meta around me and at most tournaments I'm not ready to commit to playing the Cavern of Souls + Gavony Township version just yet. To combat the control mirrors I have tried replacing Centaur Healer with Loxodon Smiter I feel it doesn't hurt my aggro match up too much and it helps greatly against control, letting me put on early pressure of late game draw they have to answer him as with Kessig Wolf Run he's a force to be reckoned with.


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+1 Sacred Foundry main
+1 Steam Vents main
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