Aether Vial is criminally underplayed.

Cool interactions in the deck:

- Vial it in main phase, exiling a creature, then play Wasteland Strangler and process, killing two creatures.
- Vial it in to save any of your creatures from removal and trigger their ETB effect.
- With Eerie Interlude, exile both creatures it and a Wasteland Strangler and order the triggers so that flickerwisp's trigger resolves first. You will exile a creature, process it with Strangler and kill a second one.
- Vial it in to save your most important creature from mass removal or a sacrifice effect.
- Vial it in to blink out an attacker and block a second one.
- Cast Tidehollow Sculler, and with the trigger on the stack, vial in Flickerwisp to permanantly exile any permanent.
- Very late game, but with 9 mana, an eldrazi dispalcer, Flickerwisp and Ulamog's Nullifier , you counter any spell, while making the opponent sacrifice 2 permanents.
- almost all of the above Flickerwisp tricks.
- Blank any attack, since the blinked creature returns to the battlefield tapped.
- Having two of these allows you to blank any attack by blocking and blinking it with the other Eldrazi Displacer.
- Blink Wall of Omens to turn it into :Draw a card.
- Blink Venser, Shaper Savant to soft lock the opponent.
- Reset Meddling Mage and Leonin Relic-Warder from the sideboard to shift the card it is blocking.

For the budget version, check out UB Processors


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