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Thraximundar Reanimator EDH, could really use help for stuff to take out and stuff to put in, thanks!



patrickd117 says... #1

I don't have too much to add: Doomed Necromancer seems pretty mediocre, as do Avatar of Discord, Call to Mind

Then some more discard outlets, Faithless Looting , Attunement , Dragon Mage , and Dreamscape Artist come to mind

Looks pretty tight though

August 17, 2012 8:51 p.m.

I would say take out Exhume . Because the point of Thrax is to have your opponents sac their stuff, you're letting them choose the cool stuff that you've removed and put it back into play. Adding proliferation that does other stuff would be a cool interaction with your general also, so card:Tezzeret's Gambit, Volt Charge , Contagion Engine .

August 22, 2012 10:22 p.m.

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