The deck is constantly changing as I get help and buy different cards. All help would be appreciated as I am new to playing prison and don't know what would be best in the deck.


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So the deck didnt do very well.(because of miss plays mostly) a friend let me borrow a Supreme Verdict and a Detention Sphere so i had the amount i needed.

First round(0-2)- first round was against R/U storm. First game i lost quickly. He got a storm count of 23 before casting a Grapeshot and ending it there. 2nd game i cast Nevermore and stopped grapeshot, but later died to the other win con (forgot the name of card. Puts goblins into play).

Round 2(bye)

Round 3(0-2)- played against mono-red goblins. First game i stalled till around turn 7, i wasnt drawing into heliod or the sigil at all. He eventually wom with Goblin Grenade. 2nd game he flooded the field before i could get my protection.

For fun game- i played against my friends full colorless tron deck. First game he got urza activated before i could Spreading Seas. He got Chalice of the Void at mana cost 1,3,and 5. Shutting my nevermores and spheres out. He then won. Next game i spreading eas 3 of his urza lands while casting detention sphere on the chalice before he had one for cost 3. But i still later lost to Walking Ballista

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