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[[Primer]] Izzet a New Frontier?

Frontier Aggro Budget Burn Competitive Primer U/R (Izzet)



Frontier UR Prowess

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The Primer


Introduction to Format


Stormchaser Mage

The Frontier Format is an eternal format in which players can use cards from M15 and onwards. While it is true that the idea is the same as Modern, it does give newer players (such as me) the opportunity to use their old cards from previous sets that rotated out. I personally believe that this is a great idea and has potential, and will be on the hype train using this deck.

Why UR Prowess?


Monastery Swiftspear

There are two reasons as to why I chose UR Prowess: flexibility and budget. This deck is actually solid in Modern and can be modified to be Modern-legal if Frontier doesn't pan out well. The other reason as to why I chose this deck was because of the initial budget. I'm intending to upgrade the land base mostly, because all the cards in the deck are under $2 USD.



As with a good amount of decks, there are some variations of this deck, with different color splashes providing different benefits.

Temur Prowess, or UR splashing the color green, provides access to Become Immense , allowing the deck to do lethal amounts of damage via Become Immense + Monastery Swiftspear + Temur Battle Rage . Splashing green also allows access to enchantment removal in the sideboard.

Probably one of the more versatile colors, giving access to a slew of cards, such as Tasigur, the Golden Fang, Gurmag Angler and Painful Truths along with debatably better removal that the color black provides. While splashing black doesn't provide enchantment removal, there is definitely a significant amount of additional creature removal.

Splashing white allows the deck to go wide with Monastery Mentor, and gives access to Seeker of the Way , who is most of the time a 3/3 with lifelink. White also gives access to enchantment removal in the sideboard.



Incendiary Flow

Due to this being a budget build, I'm keeping the entire deck $45 and under. This means no suggesting the Fastlands, Fetches, etc that skews the price of the deck. They will be added later, however. :)

Card Choice Explanations


Treasure Cruise

I'm going to be leaving lands out, as they are rather self-explanatory.



Lightning Strike

This deck can kill really fast, usually swinging for lethal around turn 5 consistently. It does have means of regaining advantage via Treasure Cruise and Bedlam Reveler.

NOTE: As Frontier is a new format, I do not currently have favorable matchups



Titan's Strength

This deck is weak to a lot of early-game removal, and does lack an amount of interaction during game one. These weaknesses, however, can be remedied by sideboaeding correctly for the matchups.

NOTE: As Frontier is a new format, I do not currently have matchups

If you enjoyed this Primer, upvotes are much appreciated! Thanks!



Currently testing 2x Bone Saws in the main in place of Pieces of the Puzzle. This deck aims to go all-in on damage, so I felt I could spend the 3 mana on something more impactful. Thoughts? Opinions?

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