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[[Primer]] Burning Recall: A Waste Not Brew

Modern Combo Discard Jank Primer Theme/Gimmick U/B/R (Grixis)



You were sure that you packed the torches before you left. Fumbling through your pack once again, you find a small crescent hole that has been cleverly cut from the bottom. Your heart starts too sink in your chest, but you drag yourself to your feet and wonder why you'd ever gave that fellow your attention. Moving in an aimless direction, hopelessly lost, you trug along the trail. You fumble, and it you jolt upright, as though you just awoke yourself from a nightmare. You suddenly realize that you are caught in a mist that blocks everything beyond arm's reach.

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Backtracking your steps slowly, you squint your eyes and can make the outskirts of a figure in the mist. Frozen in fear the mist danced around him as he approached you. Bandaged everywhere, rags seem to drip off him as he takes each step. His minuscule, but hulking presence terrorized your very soul. Your body doesn't obey anything you tell it to. He pulls a bag from his sack, and reveals chilling skull. Freshly cut, and polished to the bone. He utters no words, but smiles at you and takes a step forward...

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A Game of Chance

Burning Recall is a deck that I've been brewing around with every since the card came out. I wanted a deck that could utilize its mechanics as it was thought to be a card that had potential, but nothing really came out of it. It was used in 8-rack as a minor card draw engine, and in a storm varient. However neither of these decks was what I wanted to do, so I started brewing. Trying out different types of builds, scraping them for other cards and now with the edition of Hollow One I think the deck has a fighting chance to be a decent deck that can fight tier 1 and tier 2 decks. Even though Burning Inquiry is what makes the deck inconsistent, I've found multiple uses for this card with Notion Thief, Hollow One, and of course Waste Not. I've certainly enjoyed the deck for what it is, and I'm proud to present to you Burning Recall.


  • Will Raider's Wake make the cut?

Reasons to play this deck over other decks

  • This deck isn't a meta deck

  • If your luck is good enough, you can completely topple your opponent with the combos that this deck has

  • From being a brew, they might have difficulty side boarding against it.But how can you sideboard against RNG

  • You get to play and win with janky combos!

Waste Not adapts to your opponent's deck

  • Opponent discards a creature -> get a creature. Super relevant in this case as what better way to beat a aggro/midrange creature deck with free creatures to attack and block with.

  • Opponent discards a non-creature -> it gets you more cards against controls and in general, when is card draw ever bad? (edit: Mill, drawing is bad in mill, and most of their mill cards at instant/sorcery XP)

  • Opponent discards a land -> get help you cast "free" spells

I am FREEEEEE but lose to RNG!. As long you don't discard it to Burning Inquiry you can play them all! Turn 1 even! I mean yes there are other ways to make him cheaper in the deck, but nothing beats free!
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It's core, it gives you tempo, it's like hearthstone (RNG wins)

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Do you like draw 6 discard 3 at random for 1 red. As well as making them discard 3 cards at random, I know I like to Hymn to Tourach+1 & Ancestral Recall in one combo, DO YOU?

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  • ideally 2-3 lands (one be a fetchland) and 2 one mana spells to potentially play turn 1. The others can be whatever.

  • can keep a one land only if you have Burning Inquiry and Tasigur, the Golden Fang or you can cast serum vision


There were 3 main iterations of the deck so far
  • The first iteration was more of a burn strategy with Liliana's Caress and Bump in the Night , but it was too inconsistent in the end. It dealt a lot of damage, and was a ticking time bomb. Sometimes I had 3 Liliana's Caress and just waiting for Burning Inquiry

  • The second iteration is very close to the current one, but it played more of a control route with counterspells such as Remand and Mana Leak. It doesn't really work though, if you're win con is unreliable.

  • The third iterationNow after lots of play testing, the third iteration, I found that Remand and Mana Leak became more awkward to cast. Not so much as the mana base, but it was more of the decks that my friends played (infect and bushwacker zoo). I usually only had 1 mana open, so I changed it to Spell Pierce. For now, the deck seems okay, but as new cards come out I think I'll be updating it if it seems like it'll be a perfect fit for this deck.

  • The current iteration is a midrange deck, using Waste Not as an engine. With the edition of Hollow One It will hopefully have a great impact to it's early game to put on some pressure or be defensive with a big creature. I really think that Hollow One will push it to that satisfying range.


Main deck


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grimcase21 says... #1

Bluefire016, honestly it's a pretty hard matchup if they get the god draw of Simian Spirit Guide into their combo there isn't much you can do. I think at the end of the day it's like something on the lines of 50/50. Here's what I've learned from playing that matchup.

  • Jace, Vryn's Prodigy  Flip on the draw feels bad

  • you're at a huge disadvantage if you're on the draw (they might combo out before you have a chance to disrupt)

  • sometimes Anger of the Gods isn't fast enough

  • I've added more Collective Brutality in the sideboard and hopefully it'll do the job

  • because of the small amount of creatures to block with until you get zombies, it'll be hard to remove half of the creatures because of Boros Charm and Atarka's Command. If you don't respond, they just swing in for free damage, if you respond, then they'll do something.

  • sometimes a yolo Burning Inquiry and Waste Not on turn 3 is enough to turn the tables as the majority of the time it gets creatures, which you can block with. This is where the tables turn and you can stall enough and win.

  • since Dryad Arbor is both a creature and a land, you get double value

  • from mainboard, I boarded out Notion Thief, Drake Haven, Negate, and I guess Jace, Vryn's Prodigy  Flip (didn't have enough sideboard so I had to keep them in). Boarding in probably goes Anger of the Gods, Collective Brutality, Dispel, and Engineered Explosives.

  • Since I don't have all the sideboard, it's hard to tell how it'll really do. Also since I just changed it up with the Thought Scour, I'm not too sure how it'll affect the deck's flow. We'll see soon I guess. :)

May 25, 2017 7:47 p.m.

Bluefire016 says... #2

I will keep that in mind. He runs a slightly different version that doesn't go straight combo. He is a bit more creature based and not running Boros Charm and Simian Spirit Guide. He also doesn't have a Dryad Arbor, so when I get the list together and play the deck I will let you know how it worked out.

I pretty stoked to build this!

May 25, 2017 8:24 p.m.

imsocool1234 says... #3

The new Torment of Hailfire card looks fun. Made me think of this deck and mono-black. Lol

June 24, 2017 12:57 a.m.

grimcase21 says... #4

haha, imsocool1234 When I saw that card spoiled I was like, hmmm can I fit this in the deck. Probably not, but it's a funny finisher if you use it for a storm variant for a wacky win con of this deck.

June 24, 2017 4:13 a.m.

jonmaior says... #5

more notion thief's! they are amazing with burning inquiry. 1 mana draw 5 each player discards 3. why not x4 Notion Thief?

June 30, 2017 7:15 p.m.

grimcase21 says... #6

It's actually draw 6, discard 3 with that combo jonmaior, because it has to do with the exact wording. In general it boils down to if it isn't their draw step draw and they attempt to draw you get the draw, so with when we Notion Thief into Burning Inquiry because they attempt to draw when it isn't their draw phase you get it instead. So we get draw 6 and discard 3! Now that's value.

You actually only need 1 to make "combo" for it to swing games in your favor heavily. It's also doesn't work in multiples (it doesn't stack like Hero of Bladehold or Hellrider) and doesn't necessarily win games like Siege Rhino. It really is a good combo, but the decks that I play against (zoo, infect, burn....basically aggressive decks) I can barely afford one.

Funny enough, the real problem with the deck is how slow and sometimes unreliable the win con is, but whatever. This deck is meant to draw cards, make zombies/drakes and have fun while being as consistent as possible.

July 1, 2017 2:38 a.m.

Why no Snapcaster Mage?

July 27, 2017 12:11 p.m.

grimcase21 says... #8

goblinguiderevealpls, Snapcaster Mage has basically been the deck forever as it is an excellent card for the deck. However, when Hollow Ones came out I had to make cuts to something, as Hollow One fit perfectly in the deck. So after adding 4 of them, I figured that the two Snapcaster Mages and 2 other cards were going to get cut.

After play testing with the deck for a bit, it's not so much why Snapcaster Mage isn't good in the deck, but the potential Hollow One offers.

1) Early game: multiple Hollow One have the potential on turn 1 with Burning Inquiry. I can go on the offensive early game now.

2) Curve: Hollow One curves out with Jace, Vryn's Prodigy  Flip. turn 2 jace, and on the next turn you draw discard and cast Hollow One for 3.

3) Anti-synergy: it's the only toughness 1 creature in the deck and doesn't work well with Night of Souls' Betrayal in the sideboard. Everything else has at least 2 (including zombie tokens)

In terms of sheer power level Snapcaster Mage is definitely stronger card that Hollow One by being more flexible, but I was curious if this bulk common (Hollow One) pushed the deck further. I mean this deck contains odd cards that only work in this deck (ex. Burning Inquiry, Notion Thief, Waste Not) and they turned out amazing for what the deck tries to do. So I decided to give another odd ball a try

July 27, 2017 12:56 p.m.

grimcase21 says... #9

goblinguiderevealpls also, I have too few threats in the deck, so a 4/4 body puts on some pressure. I've had games against control, and they had no creatures so I couldn't put on any pressure.

July 27, 2017 9:01 p.m.

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