Welcome to the Swarm lead by the Kraul Death Priest himself!
The deck is build with high emphasis on consistent early game into unexpected explosive turns in the mid to late game while giving other casual decks around the table enough time to fight back. That being said, Mazirek is a proud and evil Kraul who can't be stopped from occasionally soft locking someone out of the game or partially strapping the table of their precious land base.

All help and suggestions much appreciated!

Note: I have rebuild this deck into my Noble's Pride deck, featuring Korvold as its commander.


The key to succes with this deck is being able to play the first token maker. Then everything else then just falls into place but without a token maker, you're screwed. Because of this, what I like to see in my opening hand is a token maker plus enough lands and/or ramp to cast it.

After you've got your board growing, you'll want to look for one of two things:

A) Setting up furthermore for a bigger, more explosive turn.
With a handful of creatures on the board, you can start using your draw spells, some of the bigger ramp spells and/or tutoring for the best finisher in given situation. It is important to realize how many turns you should spend setting up before you (B) pull the trigger. This will vary from game to game and is the hardest part of piloting this deck.

B) Going off.
This deck is very combo-oriented. It usually doesn't want to play Mazirek on turn 4 or 5 and slowly snowball its board. Most of the time, I'm trying to prepare as many tokens as I can without drawing much attention and than play Mazirek with a cheap finisher in the same turn if I have one at my disposal. Otherwise, I play Mazirek a turn in advance and pray for him to survive a turn or deploy the "If you don't destroy my board, I'll kill the rest of the table." policy. In that case, however, it's important to have a plan for the upcoming 1v1 and be prepared for a board wipe after you kill the other players.

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