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New primer hopefully coming soon. I know this one is incomplete / outdated.

The deck you see currently started out as the C14 Teferi, Temporal Archmage preconstructed Commander deck and has been evolving ever since. Early on I found that I had a love for Kamigawa and thought that Azami, Lady of Scrolls was a interesting commander. At the time I started building her I was unaware of just how powerful she could be and was not aware that she was considered a tier 1 commander by many players. However, since then, a lot has changed in the world of EDH. Most notably was the change from the Partial Paris Mulligan to the Vancouver Mulligan. This change ultimately hurt Azami because she relies on having a strong and consistent opening hand. As a result Azami is now viewed as being a high tier 2 pick or tier 1.5 if you will.

Azami has gone through quite a bit of changes and phases as I have been building her. She started off as a mish mash of inefficient wizards, counterspells, and general EDH goodstuff etc. As I refined the list more and more I moved her toward being a temporal (extra turn based) Azami list. You can find my temporal list here Temporal Azami. This lists’ strategy was ramping out early by playing rocks, dumping wizards on the board, and then chaining extra turn spells til’ I won. I decided this was certainly the best way to build her for my meta due to the fact that aggro and slower paced combo decks were the norm. I could generally just prevent them from winning by simply playing extra turn spells. This build worked very well for this meta and I would recommend that you build her this way when faced with a lot of aggro or just less competitive combo decks. More recently however, my meta has changed due to the fact that I’m in college. I transitioned my temporal list into what you currently see here. This build is a more hardcore control Azami build that is optimized to deal with tier 1 combo and control lists. It runs many cheap counters and reactive spells to ensure that other decks don’t go off ridiculously early. Check out the other tabs if you are interested in learning more about my build.

Deck Strategy

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Deck Pace

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Under construction

If you are interested in joining the Discord server run by your favorite Archwizard, then consider joining by clicking the join link below. I try to be active and answer questions there that may not be covered by this primer.

This section is dedicated to those who have helped me in the process of making this deck.




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