Thankfully Mark Rosewater has smiled upon us and brought back my beloved beasts! Shoutout to Rzepkanut for all the help!

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Here's a little breakdown of the Decktech

These spells need to be used to maximize our damage per turn.
The prehistoric meat of this deck.
All decks need some draw power to refuel.
Enrage is the new signature ability of Dinosaurs. These will all be used to get as much use for these abilities as possible grabbing everything from cards to land.
All decks need a good land base. Since the mana lands should be fairly self-explanatory so I will only cover the utilities.
Star of Extinction looks pretty scary and our precious Dinosaurs really don't need another mass extinction event.
As MonoBlackCoffee said, "Dinos cost a million," so we're going to need to get as much land as quickly as possible.

Sol Ring and Mana Crypt are on the sideboard because my LGS has them banned.

The original deck can be found at:

Thanks everyone!


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