My take on casual dinosaur tribal. Thankfully Mark Rosewater has smiled upon us and brought back my beloved beasts. Once I have more time I will work to flesh out the description.

Cultivate-Puts 1 in play and grabs 1 for the next turn.

Farseek-Grabs any land with a basic type, any dual.

Kodama's Reach-Same as Cultivate.

Nature's Lore -Grabs and plays and land with Forest typing.

Shard Convergence-Grabs any two duals.

Skyshroud Claim-Grabs any two Forests or duals with Forrest typing.

Spoils of Victory -Grabs and plays any dual.

Sylvan Scrying-Grabs any land, best target is rouge's passage

Tempt with Discovery-Can grab a lot of lands depending on playgroup.

Bellowing Aegisaur-Pumps all other creatures.

Burning Sun's Avatar-Double bolts upon entry.

Carnage Tyrant-Trample and Hexproof is always a great combo.

Fungusaur -The original Enrage is still quite good.

Goring Ceratops -Giving all other Dinosaurs is just insane. Doubles Gishath, Sun's Avatar grab and play mechanic.

Huatli's Snubhorn -Nice early game blocker.

Kinjalli's Sunwing-Any evasion is good evasion and with the added bonus of disrupting the opponent? Sign me up.

Pygmy Allosaurus -Dependent evasion depends on playgroup, if your friends have some weird aversion to black, this lil guy is not for you.

Raging Swordtooth-Trample is always useful, can wipe week weenies and can trigger Enrage.

Ranging Raptors-Enrage to grab and play a basic is great!

Raptor Hatchling-Great token generator, if it gets Indestructiable you can get limitless tokens.

Regisaur Alpha-Creates a token and gives everyone else haste, really great to rush opponents with multiple drops per turn.

Ripjaw Raptor-Every deck needs draw power.

Sun-Crowned Hunters -Lava Spike on a stick.

Sky Terror-Super strong evasion on an early drop.

Thundering Spineback-All tribal decks need a lord, and this one generates tokens.

Verdant Sun's Avatar-Works great with Gishath, Sun's Avatar to net a lot of life.

Wakening Sun's Avatar-Upside-Practically a one-sided board wipe. Downside-Has to be hardcast. Middleground-7/7 beater regardless.

Shoutout to F3A5t for all the help with the deck!

The current deck can be found at:

Prehistoric Justice 2.0 (#1 Gishath EDH)

Commander / EDH* NathanNati0n



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