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Precursor golem. Friend or foe?

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This deck was based on the deck Green White Golems. I wanted to build a deck around splicers, but this interesting card caught my eyes: Precursor Golem. it really helps when you try to build your board after a board wipe, the populate doubling your golems is just plain rude, but when this bad boy is out your golems are vulnerable. Currently my only protection against mass genocide is Rootborn Defenses and the regeneration of Vital Splicer, but i probably need more. I was thinking about Flickerwisp or Restoration Angel, the Angel is a bit pricey (both manawise, and moneywise) but it can save your ass at instant speed, so that's pretty good, or it can flicker a splicer earlier to help. Anyways, id love to hear your suggestions, but please keep in mind that this is a very budget deck (a 100$ deck isn't really budget for a 16yo with no income). Thank you. :)

Maybeboard contains good, but not very budget cards.



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