Getting tired of your Opponents Threat-Assessment being off the charts? Getting beaten by all your Opponents, because you are playing a "slightly" more competitive deck? Have you ever wondered, what it would be like, if your opponents only attacked the player next to them? Preferably in the direction of your choice?

Try Pramikon, Sky Rampart ! The "fair" way of playing Magic. Opponents only being able to attack the opponent of your Choice? Totally fair! Your Opponents not attacking with their Creatures? Just force them to with Goblin Spymaster or Disrupt Decorum ! Your Opponents donĀ“t have Creatures? No Problem! Just give them some with Hunted Dragon or Tempt with Vengeance ! Their Creatures are really weak? Just double the damage of all sources and/or creatures with Avatar of Slaughter or Dictate of the Twin Gods .

Pramikon, Sky Rampart ... The "fair" way of playing Magic, the Gathering


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