I LIKE FLAVOUR. I LIKE WINNING. Por que no ambos??

Long-time devotee to enchantments, Theros gods (Heliod in particular), white (the MtG colour) power, and being the most vorthos player at a very competitive table. This is the latest entry in my never-ending struggle to create a mono-white deck that satisfies both the competitive aspects required to stand a chance in my local meta as well as the dose of flavour I need from my decks to play them more than a week.

Playtesting is still underway, but I'm optimistic about my approach and what I think is a strong middle-ground between those two sides of me mtg-wise. The whole approach here is a deck that regenerates its board state quickly, easily, and efficiently, along with all sorts of cute little combos - all the usual Reveillark + Karmic Guide + sac outlets like Ashnod's Altar, Phyrexian Altar, or even Martyr's Cause or Fanatical Devotion for total damage mitigation or creature survival respectively, Sun Titan + Gift of Immortality or Fiend Hunter or Angelic Renewal. Or how about setting up a Kami of False Hope or Selfless Spirit with Gift of Immortality etc. for a tasty lil boon every turn? There are plenty of cute combos and synergies to play with here, and I ultimately decided to also include Blasting Station and Altar of Dementia so that I can win outright if I combo off with them. OH nearly forgot about the total ramp that is Emeria Shepherd + Kor Cartographer or Solemn Simulacrum and all that jazz. On the flavour side of things, cards like Caged Sun, The Immortal Sun, and all the other Heliod-titled cards work wonders in a deck like this while still feeling soooooo flavourful and appropriate being used under the control of the Sun god himself. Same goes for all the altar cards and Worship and so on. Heliod's Pilgrim has the added utility of pulling out either Darksteel Mutation to shut down a nasty commander, or Gift of Immortality, which is a hyper-strong card in this deck and a core combo-enabler.

Anyways, you can see the list right there, so I don't need to re-list the whole damn thing in the description lol.

Comments, suggestions, and concerns are all welcomed! Looking to make this the very best it can be ~


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