With the reveal of a Green-Blue Planeswalker (FINALLY!) in Born of the Gods, I want to make a TurboFog deck using Kiora, the Crashing Wave .

I already have a TurboFog Maze's End deck that uses R/G/W/U, but I want to make a more-reliable one using just two colours, Green and Blue. The idea is to control the game with instants and planeswalkers, and winning with either Kiora's or Jace's ultimates!

Omenspeaker: Chump blocker, and can help stack my deck. At 2 mana, it can help set me up early to ensure I have fog effects ready.

Courser of Kruphix: At 3 mana for a 2/4, he is a decent body for this deck. Supplying life gain and allowing me to pseudo-thin my deck is great as well. Ensuring I play a land every turn is a huge bonus.

Sylvan Caryatid: Much-needed ramp, can't be targeted, and is a decent early blocker.

Cyclonic Rift: A one-sided board reset. In a pinch, this card can also bounce an attacker or something giving me trouble (Pithing Needle, anyone?).

Defend the Hearth , Druid's Deliverance, and Fog: The fog effects. They do what you expect: stall, stall, and stall some more!

Negate: A counter for the non-creature stuff. I should be able to handle most creatures with fog effects; it's the other little surprises.

Simic Charm: Creature bounce, and protection. Both effects, at 2 mana, are great to have.

Jace, Architect of Thought: Card draw, mini-fog, and a win condition.

Kiora, the Crashing Wave : Her +1 lends to my fogging effects. Her -1 can help keep my hand full of options. And her ultimate can ensure my victory. An emblem can't be returned or destroyed, after all. A 9/9 blue Kraken token in play at the end of every turn is hard to beat!

I'm looking for help with the mainboard card balancing and for card suggestions. I also need some sideboard suggestions, so any advice you can offer will be considered! As BNG gets spoiled, I'll be updating the list. Thanks for looking.


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