Help a brother out? New to magic, what are some cheap ways to improve this deck?



sanyo says... #1

Saw this from your reddit thread!

You should maximize your token creation and populate sources.

+1 Call of the Conclave

+3 Grove of the Guardian (you can get 3 of these online for 75 cents total off

+2 Druid's Deliverance

+2 Rootborn Defense

+3 Selesnya Charm

-1 Healer of the Pride

-3 Seller of Songbirds

-1 Risen Sanctuary

-1 Courser's Accord

-1 Horncaller's Chant

-1 Mana Bloom

-4 Selesnya Keyrune

Right now your costs in the pie chart show you're running more white sources than green, but you're running more Forests than Plains. Whatever changes you make to your deck, go with slightly more lands of the more predominant color.

Look into buying some mythics/rares like Trostani or a couple Parallel Lives, since they're relatively cheap now. Trostani is a no-brainer replacement for Healer of the Pride, and I've had a lot of fun using it to gain silly amounts of life with my own populate deck.

Hope this helps a little, and hope you have fun with it regardless! :)

February 23, 2013 1:32 a.m.

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