My boyfriend actually stumbled across this combo during draft Felidar Guardian + Ninth Bridge Patrol on the board, played another Felidar Guardian targeting the first guardian and continued targeting the other guardian each time making an infinite combo for Ninth Bridge... pretty sweet way to win a draft. I also added an infinite life combo with Pious Evangel  Flip and a win condition with the Felidar Sovereign. The main reason I splashed into green instead of a Jeskai shell is for Duskwatch Recruiter  Flip so I have a decent way to continually dig for my combo pieces... and then pay less to play them!

Suggestions to make this competetive without increasing the cost too much are appreciated, I am trying to keep this shell below $50 for poor people, like myself.. I've built it to include a Revolt sub-theme so we are not heavily reliant on the combo. Need SB suggestions

I created Middle Classy Cat Combo for a more competetive build at a relatively inexpensive cost. That deck could also use suggestions too.


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