I need some help fine tuning the deck. What should I add/take out? Please include card suggestions! Thank you, in advance, for helping.

Note: This is a budget deck. So I want all cards recommended to please be below 20$ a piece at most unless the card is rather exceptional.

The plan is to use cards like Cloudshift to bounce my creatures and reuse their ETB effects over and over again. A rather critical part of this strategy is that the rules( specifically rule 110.6b Permanents enter the battlefield untapped, unflipped, face up, and phased in unless a spell or ability says otherwise. ) allows me to bounce powerful morph/ETB creatures like Ponyback Brigade and Sagu Mauler for and then hit that creature with Cloudshift (and similar cards) to cheat out the morph creatures for as little as 4 mana or in Blade Splicer's case to gain 3/3 golem creatures. Once they're face up I can also save them from kill spells by use of Cloudshift (and its clones) and in Blade Splicer's and Ponyback Brigade 's case get a sweet ETB trigger. Ideally the rest of the deck will be support cards that will help me survive till I can get the all-star creatures out.


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