• This is an experiment of a combo deck. Here is the original (not made by me)Poly'M'rakrul. I found this deck be "playing to not lose" so I remade it and found that white made the deck a lot better, as well as some othe adjustments. Because of how that deck functioned it could get its combo of on turn 3 instead of turn 4, however that is unlikely (turn 1 get a 1/1vampire, turn 2 raise the alarm, turn 3 swing with 3 creatures enchantment becomes a land play your 3rd land and u have 4 lands and can cast your win con). Here is that deck Poly'Torn
  • Combo decks in modern are suppose to be fast and win fast, thusly starting to swing turn 4/5 seems to slow. Even with the delay of counter spells. Green adds ramp so I am going to play a color combo that is never seen RUG! aka Temur.
  • Khalni Garden isnt a spell and cannt be countered and get me my tokens that way, so I am expirementing with this as well.

  • Warping Wail is a very tempting card do to the fact it counters (counter with no blue isn't suspected, and it can make a token)


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