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The combo of Forerunner of the Empire + Polyraptor creates a buuuuuuunch of tokens, like at least 8 tokens! Lets try and abuse that / streamline it!

this is Polyraptor² !

how the combo works, how to get 8 polyraptors.

So when you have the Forerunner of the Empire out and play your Polyraptor, the etb triggers forerunner dealing 1 to everything including the polyraptor that just came in, which activates its trigger and makes a copy of itself, which triggers forerunner again and pings everything on the field, including polyraptor (original) and the clone that just entered, triggering their enrage again for two more tokens to enter. This time, on the 3rd trigger of forerunner, you need to DECLINE the trigger and then let it enter without pinging everything for 1. Then the 4th copy enters and you ping everything again on the field, which kills the forerunner but enrages the other 4 polyraptors on the field which then go on to make 4 more raptors and ends the chain.

You caaaaan make the forerunner indestructible and then go on to make as many raptors as you like, you should have a regisaur alpha out before this though, for optimum winning.

We are trying hard to ramp using Thunderherd Migration, Drover of the Mighty, Ranging Raptors and Trove of Temptation. The fun bit with Trove is having a Ripjaw Raptor and/or Ranging Raptors out before this enchantment comes into play, so they HAVE to attack into your value enragers, netting you more land or card draw and most likely eating whatever they swing at you. And you dont have to block either. You also then net a treasure at your end step, earning more mana to cast Polyraptor.

We are also running Wayward Swordtooth for two reasons, 1, it gives us additional land drops and 2. Its quite easy to trigger Ascend in this build and hes a nice big butt to be blocking for us, or eating removal. Either is good.

For defence, we only have Blossoming Defense and Heroic Intervention to protect our guys. we need Forerunner to do the pinging or else the combo doesnt go off so protecting that is crucial.

When you cast forerunner, you should have either Regisaur Alpha or Polyraptor in your hand, regardless, you then go tutor for the other piece. If you have neither, you should tutor for Regisaur Alpha first.


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