Wisdom can be summed up in two rules: Control what you can. Eliminate what you cannot. ~Dromar the Banisher

As the Tyrant of Grixis, Nekusar vastly prefers having his enemies killed by a noose wrought by themselves than mindlessly beating them to death. With that preference, Nekusar's repertoire consists of magic, not to kill the opponent by force, but by forcing the enemy to tighten his grasp around their own necks. Additionally, being both a Zombie and a Wizard, Nekusar has utter disdain for mere mortals, and consequently has numerous spells at the ready to dispose of all life nearby. The few that he does keep, however, are wizards of great power, intellect, or mindless eldrazi which can be controlled easily.

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Future changes:

Spinerock Knoll->Cascade Bluffs

Crumbling Necropolis-> Mana Confluence

Vivid Creek->Scalding Tarn

Decree of Pain-> Damnation

Thran Dynamo->Izzet Signet

Nevinyrral's Disk->?

Ugin, the Spirit Dragon->Vandalblast(not sure)

Necromantic Selection->? (Good wipe, allows me to wipe the board and keep nekusar... but is high on the curve. Thoughts?)

Any input is appreciated, as long as there is some basis to the suggestion.


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Looking through, I see that the deck has enough thought put into it in order to work decently... but not well built enough to work the way it does.


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