Beware the Dragon Robot!


  1. Drop mana rocks ( Mind Stone , Thought Vessel , etc.) or any mana reduction card like Foundry Inspector .

  2. Cast Traxos, Scourge of Kroog .

  3. Put a bunch of equipment on Traxos and swing.

  4. Optional : Cast one of the 63 cards in the deck that can untap Traxos for blocks if needed.


  • Traxos is a real beater. The dream for a Timmy player like me. His downside is almost negligible in an artifact-only deck. I hesitated a lot with Ruhan of the Fomori because I love the card and its color combination, but I felt like the random attack aspect would be mildly fun for multiplayer games. I wouldn't want to finish the unlucky guy would couldn't find his lands on time nor would I like to send my commander towards a deathtouch dude.

  • Traxos' 7 power is awesome. Why? Because if a commander deals 21 combat damage alone to a player, this player loses the game - no matter how high his/her life total is. This means that you ultimately have to hit 3 times with Traxos to remove a player from the table. Really easy when Whispersilk Cloak is involved and really fast if you have Fireshrieker and/or Inquisitor's Flail around.

  • I feel like 1v1's are going to be really favorable, but the deck isn't build for duels specifically.

  • The deck is colorless without being Eldrazi and that's pretty cool if you ask me.


  • Folds hard to artifact hate : Austere Command , Stony Silence , Creeping Corrosion effects and Bane of Progress can literally destroy you.

  • Colorless gives you few control options and the late-game isn't the best, but we shouldn't get there very often anyways.

  • Too much ramp and not enough equipment can be a thing, but what can you do about it?

  • The 'all or nothing' aspect of the deck can attract hate around the table. There's a chance that you get focused on early in the game, but time will tell.

I will upgrade the deck over time by trading my most expensive cards in order to get all of the swords and the 2 Karns and increase the overall power of the deck, but that'll take time and money. It's on track! ;)

Please comment and upvote the deck if you like it. Any feedback is appreciated!

If you enjoy what you see, take a look at Rashmi's Surge, I'm sure you'll like it too ;)

Much love!


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