The basic idea is to keep yourself small while ensuring that your opponents do the same. This is usually achieved by letting your opponents bludgeon each other to hell followed by just about any MLD with World Queller, Bitterblossom and/or Luminarch Ascension in play. All of that is assuming your opponent doesn't quit outright, another very viable win condition here. Mana Vortex+Crucible of Worlds or Crucible of Worlds+Strip Mine are great ways to crush their pitiful little souls as well! Necropotence+Venser's Journal for all the answers! Pendrell Mists+Mana Web is a personal favorite of mine. Much more. . . fun to be had. If you can think of any other fun synergies, cards that don't quite fit, or just have general things to say, please leave a comment below. Don't forget to hit that upvote button either! Disclaimer: all alter images displayed are actually alters that I currently or am soon to possess, Made by a friend of mine personally.


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Playing around i pulled off something rather cold. I cast Kozilek, Butcher of Truth early due to some ramp, and drew into Cataclysm with it. this wipe leaves every player with exactly four permanents. Then i checked the annihilator count. Yep. The number was equal to ragequit.

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