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We are going to run through this unusual deck and by the end you will know how to make your own chair based deck.


This deck is a CASUAL deck based around chairs. Every card in the deck, aside from lands, will have a chair or someone sitting down. I attempted to get the best balance between all 5 colors with this deck list. Hopefully, I can help you build a slightly more functional deck with this guide. First, you will need to decide what colors you want to play and choose your commander. Once you have a commander, figure out what kind of deck type you can build out of your chairs and start choosing cards.

Background of the Deck

I decided to build this deck a long time ago after noticing that Oloro and Vish Kal had similar art where they are both sitting like a boss. After I noticed those 2, I saw Teysa was also sitting in a chair like a badass. I then decided to make a deck based around chairs. This led me to go through all the cards I owned to see if I could find more cards with chairs in the art. I found enough for a 60 card deck before I had to expand the deck to include people sitting. Once I decided to turn it into an EDH deck, I went through the gatherer's list to find all the cards in Oloro's colors that had chairs. About a year after I created the EDH deck, I saw Damia , Tasigur , and Queen Marchesa . I knew I had to include them in the deck. Once xX_Infernus_Xx told me about Atogatog , I quickly switched commanders so I could use every color. I am aware that Starcity Games has a chair deck in their Commander Vs series. However, I built this deck about 5 months before they made the first video containing it.

Build Your Own Chair

Choosing Your Colors

Your only choice for a 5 color deck is Atogatog but you have access to every chair card. You will have the most freedom with 5 colors but little synergy with your commander.
You are limited to only Tymna the Weaver paired with Kydele, Chosen of Kruphix . You will still have access to a lot of cards but you will be missing red cards like old Marchesa , new Marchesa , or creature Bolas . This won't hurt too much. You can still have a decent casual deck with these 4 colors.





Don'the play 2 color commanders. You will likely not have enough cards for a full deck.



Choosing Your Playstyle

Unless you are playing a 4 or 5 color deck, this will largely be based on your colors. That being said, if you have access to the colors, you can choose between a few playstyles. Obviously, the deck won't be amazing but it will be entertaining. To save space, I'm going to put recommended cards for each type of deck in a spoiler.

If you build a deck around old Marchesa , you can attempt to build a reanimation based deck. It will bot be as effective as the control deck, but you are playing chairs so I doubt you are looking for a competitive deck. You can use the Marionette Master 's fabricate ability to throw counters on it so it will always come back when you have marchesa out. You could also throw out the tokens if you want to sacrifice them to something like jalira or Diabolic Intent .
You can attempt to make an aggressive deck but the costs for most cards are pretty high. You will most likely want Atogatog as a commander to give you access to the most cards for this style. You have access to a decent number of combat triggers that give you things like cards draws or life gain. You can also give your creatures first strike and a decent buff with the right choices.

Sitting at the Table

How to play:
  • Step 1: Ask potential opponent if they want to sit down and play a casual game of EDH/Commander.
  • Step 2: Sit down in chair and pull out playmat with chair on it (I personally use the Queen Marchesa mat)
  • Step 3: Start preparing for the game (try start with at least 3 lands in your opening hand)
  • Step 4: Sit back and play the game. Have fun and use chair based puns to entertain your opponent
  • Step 5: Repeat steps 1-4 as much as you want You will probably lose a lot more games than you win. It is kind of expected with this deck because it is based on the art and not the function of the cards.

How well the deck plays Show

  • Marchesa, the Black Rose = Tell your opponent with the highest life that you are kicking them out of their seat
  • Queen Marchesa = "Now I have the fanciest chair"
  • Order of Succession = "MUSICAL CHAIRS!"
  • Herald of Leshrac = "I'm going to IKEA" or "Chairing is caring"
  • thought hemmorage = "You're off your rocker"
  • Shamanic Revelation = "I'm off my rocker"
  • Arena of the Ancients = Tell opponent's commanders to "Sit down and put your feet up. When was the last time you got a break anyway?" (except oloro)
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