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Modern BG (Golgari) Budget



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15 on 2016-12-04 thanks to all those who commented and upvoted!

Please upvote if you like it! This is my graveyard deck. Pretty straight forward.

-Treasured Find and Nyx Weaver for the "O, shit, that shouldn't have gone there!" Moments.

- Lotleth Troll is kinda the bread and butter, I think. Being able to regenerate and discard a creature to buff?!? No way, cause I use creatures in the graveyard!! Enchant him with Nighthowler and what have you got? An unstoppable creature that gets +2/+2 when you discard. On top of that if someone gets rid of Lotleth Troll , then Nighthowler gets to shine!! Total win-win.

- Putrefy and Golgari Charm for a little removal. Mostly for artifacts and enchantments.

- Boneyard Wurm and Splinterfright are for benefiting from my graveyard.

-Satyr Wayfinder for mana fixing and filling the graveyard and a creature to fill the graveyard.

-Deadbridge Goliath for its scavage ability.

-Grisly Salvage for filling the graveyard, mana fixing or getting a creature.

-Jarad, Golgari Lich Lord is very versatile for this deck. He can be a big creature or if he gets thrown into the graveyard I can return him. His best ability is to sac one of my big creatures to deal damage equal to their toughness to all opponents.

Did I mention this deck is just under 20$. Budget friendly and bad-ass!Let me know what you think, and please upvote if you like it, thanks!!


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