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After playing Commander for several months, I noticed that I had a preference towards decks with little to no creatures. In an effort to expand my playstyle, I constructed an EDH based off the concept of Kiki-chord. After playing the deck over and over, I found myself charmed my Enter the Battlefield, or ETB, creatures and comboing my opponents out. After continuous changes, Ive settled on a five-color creature toolbox thats a blast to play. If you enjoy getting the most possible value out of the creatures youre playing, you will appreciate my list.


It is important to know that this deck is at its core. A Bant base provides quality cards that ramps, draws cards, and great utility. However, the and splash adds cards that actually win the game. gives the deck critical cards, such as Kiki-Jiki, Mirror Breaker, Purphoros, God of the Forge, and Splinter Twin. adds a hard tutor in Sidisi, Undead Vizier and a sac outlet in Viscera Seer. Ive piloted this deck in multiple variations, but using has yielded the best results.

I know what you are thinking. GregariousG, you didn't mention anything about your commander choice. Here is why; this deck just needs any five color commander. I rarely even cast the commander. However, here are my thoughts about the available commanders.

    Reaper King: This was the original commander after these deck moved to five colors. However, the only thing the King has going for him is enchanting him with Splinter Twin and blowing up a permanent. Ive done it before..its bad.
    Cromat: The only thing Cromat has going for him is blowing up blocked creatures, flying, and being a 5/5. Cromat is generally harmless, so his presence wont draw hate and veils my Kiki-Jiki plan.
    Horde of Notions: HoN has great keywords and a somewhat relevant ability to reanimate elementals.
    Ramos, Dragon Engine: A flying 4/4 that can convert other spells into mana. Of the five color commanders available, Ramos has the most application.
    O-Kagachi, Vengeful Kami: I see O-Kagachi as a commander for retaliation/pillowfort type of game plan. O-Kagachi doesnt really fit, but I like the art.
    Maelstrom Archangel: Man, I wish this card was legendary. The ability to play a nonland card from my hand after damage is exactly what this deck wants.

This is a creature toolbox deck that wants to win via going infinite with Kiki-Jiki, Mirror Breaker or any other infinite creature loop. I tried to replicate an EDH-version of the Kiki-Chord and Saheeli Evolution because Ive always been intrigued by this style of play. Like the two previous mentioned modern decks, I have a strong collection of ETB creatures to advance my game plan and hatebears to slow down my opponents.

This deck contains multiple avenues to win the game. Below are the listed combos that win the game. If Im missing any lines of play, please let me know so that I can add them to the list.

The Kiki-Jiki/Splinter Twin Route

The Bounce Route

    Infinite Mana + Coiling Oracle = Infinite Draw. I generally draw cards until I find a Kiki-jiki/Splinter Twin win with counterspell- backup.

The Birthing Pod Route

The Protean Hulk

    Step Three: Tap Kiki targeting Karmic Guide the hold priority.
    Step Four: Sacrifice Kiki to Viscera Seer.
    Step Five: Let Kiki's trigger resolve and put a Karmic Guide with Haste into play.
    Step Six: Karmic Guide reanimates Kiki-jiki.
    Step Seven: Repeat Steps Three through Six and win the game with infinite Karmic Guides.

The Yisan Route

    Verse 3 - Get Village Bellringer. Bell-Ringer untaps Bloom Tender and Yisan. Yisan should have enough mana to go to Verse 4.
    Verse 4 - Get Felidar Guardian and flicker Bellringer. Bell-Ringer untaps Bloom Tender and Yisan.

Land Order

It is important to remember that the core of this deck is . Thus, the lands that I decide to fetch or play first reflects that. Granted, this changes depending on whats in hand, but I usually value certain shock lands/filter lands over others. Here is the order I favor:

  1. Temple Garden/Wooded Bastion
  2. Breeding Pool/Flooded Grove
  3. Hallowed Fountain/Mystic Gate
  4. Stomping Ground/Fire-Lit Thicket
  5. Overgrown Tomb/Twilight Mire
  6. Sacred Foundry/Rugged Prairie
  7. Steam Vents/Cascade Bluffs
  8. Godless Shrine/Fetid Heath
  9. Watery Grave/Sunken Ruins

Early Game

Early game has three primary goals: Ramp hard, draw lots of cards, and slow down the other players. Mana dorks shine the most early so that I can achieve an explosive start.

Mid Game

Depending on the start, this is the time where I can try to combo off. The route of my combo is determined by what Ive draw. Use some discretion though. Kiki-Jiki, Mirror Breaker is a key player so revealing him to early without protection will end poorly. If the field is unsafe to combo off, I seek to abuse the ETB triggers and Eldrazi Displacer. This will generally draw out removal, clearing the way for comboing.

Late Game

Similar to mid-game, I still trying to combo. However, I become much more aggressive with my removal and flicker removal creatures. Any mana dorks left on the field are officially fodder to Skullclamp. This is the stage of the game where gain infinite mana is most appealing to me. With infinite mana, I can draw out my deck with Coiling Oracle and set up a counter spell lock with Deadeye Navigator + Mystic Snake.

Just like most Kiki-chord/Twin decks, Torpor Orb-like effects stops most of what Im trying to accomplish. This deck NEEDS enter the battlefield effects. There are measures to combat these effects, but I prefer not to run into them at all. Cards like Torpor Orb, Hushwing Gryff, Tocatli Honor Guard, Humility, and AEther Flash are all major problems. However, there is good news. Most of these cards are played that much because the most players game plans. As of Feb 10, 2018, here are the amount of decks playing these cards, according to

If I run into any of these cards, I have Caustic Caterpillar, Cyclonic Rift, Anguished Unmaking, and Nahiri, the Harbinger to combat these threats.

The Bounce

    Deadeye Navigator: Deadeye is this decks enabler. For , I can flicker any paired creature, generating tons of value.
    Eldrazi Displacer: Another Deadeye essentially. I worked my mana base so that I can use Displacer easily.
    Felidar Guardian: Ah, the new kid of the block. What's great about Felidar Guardian is that it can flicker permanents. Thanks, Aether Revolt!
    Restoration Angel: The quintessential flash creature. Resto saves other creatures from spot removal and flickers.

The Bullies

    Aven Mindcensor: A flash flier that restricts searching . Shuts down tutors and fetchlands pretty hard.
    Gaddock Teeg: Teeg doesnt really hinder my game plan. A classic hatebear.
    Grand Abolisher: My turn is a sacred time when no one else should be doing anything. My opponents can play their counter spells on someone else's turn.
    Notion Thief: Why should other players get to draw more cards than me. I dont think that's fair and neither does Notion Thief.
    Thalia, Heretic Cathar: Honestly, I love Blind Obedience-like cards and this effect is slapped on a 3/2 first striker. Im a big fan of slowing down other players gameplans. Thalia also just blows out Kiki-jiki tactics.

The Clones

The Counters

    Glen Elendra Archmage: GEA counters two non-creature spells. I can flicker GEA to reset her counters and keep countering spells.
    Spell Queller: Another great counter option. The or less restriction diminish the power of this card. Too bad I cant play Collected Company in this deck.

The Disrupt

    Manglehorn: Blows up artifacts and forces other artifacts to enter tapped.
    Reclamation Sage: Thats a nice artifact or enchantment you got there. Itd be a shame if something happened to it.
    Reflector Mage: Thats a nice creature you got there. Itd be a shame if something happened to it.
    Thought-Knot Seer: For , I can exile a card from target opponent's hand. Look, I know what youre thinking. GregariousG, youre playing a five color deck and youre trying to cast a colorless card. How often are you reliably going to cast TKS on curve? Is it really worth it? You know what? Your assessment is probably spot on. However, just hear me out for one second and do something for me really quick. Go grab a copy of Thought-Knot Seer, put it down on the nearest surface, and say exile that. Now, pick it back up, put it back down, and say exile that. Doesnt that feel like reading a good novel during a fresh spring rain? The best part about TKS is that I can have a different player draw a card instead of my original target. Look, I enjoy TKS so much that Im using filter lands so that I can reasonably cast it (along with the other silly eldrazi, Eldrazi Displacer). If you think its too much of a hassle, then definitely replace it with something else. However, TKS is great in all the other formats, so one would assume that it would also be great in EDH. Stay ridiculously, TKS.

The Draw

    Coiling Oracle: Draws a card or ramps. Probably my favorite draw creature besides PSZ.
    Prime Speaker Zegana: Draws me one more card than my most powerful creature. I rarely hard cast this card. I find it better to chord or reanimate her. Regardless, PSZ is value city.

The Ramp

    Small note: Im gonna add Noble Hierarch (once I trade for one)at some point.
    Bloom Tender: Color dependant mana dork seems good in my 5 color deck.
    Elves of Deep Shadow: Pings to tap for . Using my life total as a Mana resource is completely worth it.

The Recursion

    Eternal Witness: The best recursion. Im fond of grabbing Chord of Calling out of the graveyard. This is basically a Kiki-chord deck, so the same tricks apply here to an extent.
    Karmic Guide: Resurrect on ETB. Best friends with Reveillark.
    Reveillark: Its important to note that Reveillark triggers when it leaves the battlefield, not when it dies. Because of this, Reveillark is one of the best bounce targets in this deck, since it creates so much value.
    Sun Titan: ETB recursion for anything with converted mana cost 3 or less.

The Tappers

    Pestermite: Taps/Untaps any permanent my heart desires that isnt shroud/hexproof.

The Ramp

    Cryptolith Rite: I only times I swing is when I have 1,000 creatures on the field. It hit that I could use my ETB creatures as Birds of Paradise after theyve done their job. It also allows me to ramp and play more cards. I wait until have a two untapped creatures on the board before I play Cryptolith Rite, so that it pays for itself.
    Sol Ring: mana for . Lets move on, shall we?

The Draw

    Skullclamp: Draw two cards for sacrificing a creature. Just a silly card in general.

The Removal

The Tutors

    Birthing Pod: The perfect artifact for a creature toolbox deck and vital combo piece.
    Chord of Calling: One of the stables of this deck. X to tutor for any creature I need at instant speed. Even after I cast it, Im looking to recur it with Eternal Witness.
    Eldritch Evolution: This is basically a one shot Birthing Pod. However, I can search for 2+the mana cost or less, which really adds to the flexibility of the deck.
    Enlightened Tutor: All of the artifacts and enchantments are pieces Id like to see every game. This card lets me fetch them.
    Green Sun's Zenith: Another stable tutor card. is the backbone of this deck and grabs the creatures that smooth out this deck.
    Survival of the Fittest: The ultimate toolbox enchantment for creatures. For , I can discard a creature I no longer need or want to reanimate and can grab a creature that properly fits the situation.

The Utility

    Garruk, Caller of Beasts: I want you to look at Garruks +1 and then look at the amount of creatures Im playing. Garruk generally draws about two to three creatures each activation. Im not even going to go into further detail about the rest of Garruks ability because they are all good for this deck.
    Nahiri, the Harbinger: She rummages as +1, exiles certain permanents (probably not Torpor Orb though), and tutors as her ultimate. Nahiri is a welcomed addition.
    Panharmonicon: What if I told you that you could live in a world where everything happens.twice? A place where Wood Elves gets two forest, Recruiter gets two creatures, Purphoros triggers for four, and Birds still taps for one because it doesnt have an ETB. What if I told you that you could live in this place for only ? Enjoy this mystical refuge for the one or two turns you have it before it gets removed. Real talk though, Panharmonicon is the definition of a win-more card and I love windmill slamming this bad boy on the table.
    Splinter Twin: A clone enchantment and one of the win-cons of this deck.


Thank you for visiting. Any suggestions and +1s are greatly appreciated! I read every comment and try to reply back to everyone. This deck is constantly evolving and its great to have other people submitting their input.

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