Aura Offense (28)

Draw Triggered (16)

Group Hug (14)

Anthem Keywords (13)

Ramp Mana (11)

Aura Evasion (9)

Stax Artifacts (9)

Pseudo-Removal Artifacts (7)

Draw Activated (6)

Removal Enchantments (6)

Tax Creatures (6)

Bounce Creatures (4)

Flash (4)

Removal Artifacts (4)

Token Doublers (4)

Protection Creatures (3)

Stax Specific (3)

Animation (2)

Bounce Artifacts (2)

Color Fixing (2)

Tax Artifacts (2)

Protection Artifacts (1)

Pseudo-Removal Planeswalkers (1)

Stax Draw (1)

Tutor (1)

Aura Protection (28)

+1/+1 Counters (15)

Stax Lands (15)

Damage Reduction (13)

Stax Spells (11)

Draw Upkeep (9)

Cheat (8)

Miscellaneous (7)

Ramp Lands (7)

Sacrifice Outlet (6)

Aura Other (5)

Clone Or Copy (5)

Protection Enchantments (4)

Removal Creatures (4)

Aura Draw (3)

Card Selection And Library Manipulation (3)

Protection Player (3)

Tax Spells (3)

Bounce Enchantments (2)

Color Hosers (2)

Aura Defense (1)

Board Wipe Enchantments (1)

Protection Permanents (1)

Removal Permanents (1)

Tax Enchantments (1)

Token Generators (21)

Pillowfort (17)

Pseudo-Removal Creatures (15)

Stax Creatures (14)

Steal (12)

Anthem Stats (9)

Recursion (9)

Alternative Win Condition (7)

Pseudo-Removal Enchantments (7)

Mana Doublers (6)

Tap Or Untap (6)

Card Selection and Library Manipulation (5)

Curse (4)

Pump Keywords (4)

Stax Graveyard (4)

Immortality (3)

Pump Stats (3)

Type Change (3)

Bounce Lands (2)

Protection Lands (2)

Board Wipe Creatures (1)

Cost Reducers (1)

Pseudo-Removal Lands (1)

Stax Abilities (1)

Tax Graveyard (1)

Possible enchantments with the newly announced Bant commanders.

Archetypes this list is good for:

  • Enchantress
  • Group Hug / Pillowfort
  • Stax
  • Tokens
  • +1/+1 Counters
  • Voltron

Archetypes this list is not good for:

  • Superfriends
  • -1/-1 Counters
  • Spellslinger
  • Artifacts
  • Lifegain

Some of my methods of categorization may be strange, so I can clarify here:

  • **Aura Offense** : Auras that give offensively-geared keywords (such as first strike, trample, or vigilance) or large stat buffs.
  • **Aura Evasion**: Auras that make creatures unblockable, give some sort of landwalk, flying, etc
  • **Aura Protection**: Auras that give protection from colors, hexproof, indestructible, bring the creature back after dying, etc
  • **Pseudo-Removal ___**: Enchantments that temporarily remove permanents by way of transforming or exiling them; these permanents can be brought back to the battlefield or un-transformed by destroying the enchantment.
  • **Pillowfort**: Enchantments that dissuade enemies from attacking us. These usually involve a tax or bounce effect.
  • **Damage Reduction**: Enchantments that make damage less than it normally would or reduce it to zero.
  • **Anthem ___**: Enchantments that give static (constant) stat boosts or keywords to all your creatures.
  • **Pump ___**: Enchantments that give stat boosts or keywords to one creature for a single turn.
  • **Stax**: Enchantments that cause players to have less resources than they normally would. This involves tapping permanents as they enter, preventing permanents from untapping, sacrifice effects, forcing parity, preventing effects from being activated, etc.
  • **Tax**: Enchantments that create stax-y effects that can be avoided through payment of mana. This can deal with paying mana to keep certain permanents, paying a cost to attack someone, etc.
  • **Ramp ___**: Enchantments that give us more mana by way of fetching lands, making our lands tap for more, adding mana to our mana pool, etc.
  • **Immortality**: Enchantments that prevent us from losing the game for having zero or less life.
  • **Cheat**: Enchantments that let us play cards without paying their mana cost.
  • **Flash**: Enchantments that let us play cards at flash speed.
  • **Recursion**: Enchantments that let us get cards back from the graveyard.


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