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Play Chess With the Devil

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Who are You?

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I am Death

Have you come for me?

I have long walked by your side

So I have noticed.

Are you prepared?

Do you think you can cheat death?

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This is a Legacy Deck built around the concept of having no lands. It's the epitome of high risk, high reward, where tiny mistakes in matchups and sequencing could be your downfall, or well met openers could yield an early win; well worth the flavour of playing Chess with the Devil - my ode to Det Sjunde Inseglet.

Either the play or the draw, you essentially skip your first turn to discard. A prime target would be Phantasmagorian. When it is in the grave, we can discard three to its activated ability, maintain priority, and activate once more to pitch our hands.

Why would we do this? To hopefully dump our dredge enablers, like Golgari Grave-Troll, Stinkweed Imp or Shambling Shell. As we dredge through our deck, we will get to mill Narcomoeba into the grave from the library and have them come into play instead.

This cause has very abusable effects; the easiest would be to trigger Prized Amalgam and bring it back as it sees Narcomoeba return to play. Something more complicated would involve our next piece of this puzzle - Bridge from Below.

This is something we will want in our grave; by abusing flashback triggers that require sacrifices like Cabal Therapy and Dread Return we are able to not only get value out of those spells, but also trigger the entombed enchantment. This has a wonderful synergy of generating zombie tokens as we sacrifice a creature; with all 4 in the grave, we'll make 4 tokens for every one creature sacrificed. Cabal Therapy is obviously quite useful in understanding what our opponents are running. Dread Return is where our real gameplan unfolds.

The initial target you would ideally want for Dread Return is Balustrade Spy. When it enters the battlefield, it reveals the top card of our library until we reach a basic land, which of course we do not posses, resulting in our library into the grave. As we stack the order upon which they hit the grave, we can then reanimate more Narcomoebas, and more Prized Amalgams and other Dread Return or Cabal Therapy fodder, meaning multiple Bridge from Below triggers. Our method of winning is with Flayer of the Hatebound. It enters the battlefield as a result of another Dread Return dealing 4 to our opponent, and we follow up by sacrificing Flayer and any tokens to Dread Return either Chancellor of the Annex or Phantasmagorian to deal 6, with another 4 from Flayer's Undying, followed by multiple Prized Amalgam triggers when they enter at your endstep. Alternatively, you could also target Golgari Grave-Troll which comes into play with a number of +1/+1 counters on it for each creature in the grave, which also deals a colossal amount to our opponent.

Unlike the All Spells Combo that goes all in for a fast paced combo, Manaless Dredge not only has the potential to mirror that, but also grind opponents out in a slower game, utilizing recursion creatures like Ichorid and Nether Shadow.
Contagion and Sickening Shoal are "free" spells to kill off early game threats like Deathrite Shaman, Scavenging Ooze or Containment Priest.

Leyline of Sanctity works against Burn or Storm.

Faerie Macabre not only is an uncounterable graveyard hate card, but it can be used with Ichorid.

Serra Avatar is our answer to any mill strategies.

Unmask is another "free" spell to force a discard.

Chancellor of the Annex to improve the consistency if our opponents are running early game strategies.

Force of Will to protect us and to control combo decks.

I met Death today. We played Chess.


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