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Plants killed you, but I’m the root of your demise

Standard Budget Combo Lifegain Midrange Theme/Gimmick WB (Orzhov)


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The Key Pieces

Panharmonicon: this is the most important piece of the deck. Everyone knows it has strong synergies with cards with etb triggers like Fairgrounds Warden or Angel of Sanctions, but it also triggers Trespasser's Curse an additional time.

Trespasser's Curse: this is the ideal way to close the game.

The Rest of the Deck

Everything else is pure value creatures that need answered or you pretty have a significant advantage.

Starting off is Glint-Sleeve Siphoner. Hopefully by now everyone realizes that if this card isn’t answered the turn or second turn it comes out then you are at a huge advantage.

Next is Fairgrounds Warden Angel of Condemnation and Angel of Sanctions. These guys once again are a huge pain if unanswered. Having panharmonicon out makes it almost impossible to fight through.

The great thing is the opponent can’t answer everything. So you have to have some of these huge value plays stick around.

Gimmicky Wincon

Play tresspasser’s curse, play panharmonicon, play dowsing dagger. This gives the opponent 4 plant triggering tresspasser’s curse 8 times. Two panharmonicons out increases the drain to 18 or a life swing of 36. If we have a flipped treasure map then we can use Inventors' Fair to tutor either panharmonicon or dowsing dagger for the win.

Slightly Less Gimmicky Wincon

Bounce our Fairgrounds Warden or Angel of Sanctions with abilities of Angel of Condemnation or endless sand to leave the opponent’s creatures flashing in and out until they die by Trespasser's Curse. Oh, and if we happen to have Panharmonicon out and we bounce a warden that drops 2 of their creatures on the battlefield which triggers the curse twice but with panharmonicon 4 times which is a 8 point life swing for 3 mana.

They will also be trying to kill our creatures to get theirs back. I guess our opponent is working with us. If they don’t kill our creatures we can just easily win with our superior flying board state.

How the deck has played in testing.


This guy’s deck is a monster. I watched it beat grixis midrange (the more popular version) back to back.

I went 1-2. Dominated the first game with an 18 point dowsing dagger. The other two games I got ran over. I got a Profane Procession   out game two but he managed to kill me faster than I could stabilize.

We played another match and I again won game one with 5 life and a dowsing dagger for the win. Then he won games 2 and 3.

I learned a ton from playing and discussing the deck with him. The biggest changes to the deck were adding a playset of Fatal Push, a playset of Glint-Sleeve Siphoner, 3 Settle the Wreckage, and 4 Desert's Hold.

These additions aren’t necessarily exactly what the deck will stay as but they will be what I try next. I think with these changes the deck will actually be the level of tier 2 decks.

Home Brew Aggro I played 3 matches against 2 different decks and ended up going 2-1 in all of the matches. The games were close but my sideboard seemed functional against aggro. I learned that settle the wreckage isn’t quite what I wanted since it is too predictable because it is the only turn I ever leave 4 untapped lands. Not sure yet what I want to fill the slots with. Open to suggestions there.


Updates Add

I have all but 2 cards for the main board. I got to play in a casual setting with it. We played a total of 7 games and I won 5 of them so it can hold its own at least in casual play which is a start. I will try to keep y’all updated as I play!



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