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The Planeswalker life will never be easy

Prepare yourself guys this bout to get cheesy

Progenitus comes to lead a small army

Through plane after plane it's going to be gnarly

The colors of mana converge to the light

To bring down the hammer and create some spite

Let's break this deck down for you my good friends

I'll keep making decks until the world ends

enter image description here

Other jank decks use Atraxa the Feeder

She's in this deck too, just not as the leader

There are too many red guys that rack up the pain

So World Soul Progenitus starts his big reign

Liliana, Ajani, Nissa and Jace

With Gideon and Chandra they start up the chase

Early on there are limits, to what you can play

But late game is time to conquer the day

enter image description here

The Late game is here and through planes we shall walk

Destroying your foes and causing a shock

There are many ways to kill every creature

Phyrexian Rebirth is one such feature

Elspeth and Garruk make an army of tokens

Ramp mana and cards with Sarkhan the Unbroken

Proliferate counters with the Engine and Clasp

Dovin Baan has creatures firmly in his grasp

Clear the whole board with Gideon's might

He'll make FNM one interesting night

Nicol Bolas is here and Sorin as well

Despite being evil they're here to raise hell

Vraska awakes to strait up win games

Creating the tokens that kill and take names

I think you all get it, this deck is real fun

I'm dropping the mic, this poetry's done

Well guys. The poetry disease hit me again today. Hope you guys enjoyed.

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