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I always liked Shivan Wurm, because the idea of getting a 7/7 trampler on turn 3 thanks the mana-dorks. Thats a pretty brutal thing to face down. But it would be even better if I could turn his drawback into a benefit. In comes cards with cool "enters or leaves the battlefield" abilities like Elvish Visionary and cards with Fading/Vanishing that need saving, like Blastoderm. Or both, in the case of the Keldon Marauders. Add Emblem of the Warmind (or maybe Fires of Yavimaya) to get the most bang for your buck, and I think we've got a deck!

My biggest issue is figuring out what to play in the 3-4 slots, which is why my sideboard is a mess and my maybeboard packed.

This deck is strictly casual, and subject to change. My meta's kinda odd, running graveyard based decks, burn decks, discard decks, combo decks, and tribal decks. I'm the primary pilot of dedicated aggro decks, so I'm not on the other end of them very often. A number of decks are extremely creature-light, which is why the Flametongue Kavu isn't maindecked.


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