Grixis Control homebrew using cards I felt to be strong and suited my playstyle

Played mostly among only local players at my FNM at which many are brewers and thus not usually playing the meta decks which means some of my choices of cards have to be made to play among these players and their decks rather than the typical meta decks.

Value Cards

The Scarab God turns just about all creatures killed during the game into a blocker at instant speed or a really strong ETB effect like bringing back a Torrential Gearhulk. Often times if he lands and sticks for a turn he'll quickly turn into so much value that my opponent can't do much as I turn all of their creatures against them.

Search for Azcanta  Flip acts like a "Scry" effect at the beginning of each of my turns allowing me to either throw cards I don't need into my graveyard or ensuring my draw that turn is what I need. The flip side of Search for Azcanta  Flip is a very powerful land in the later stages of the game as it allows me to look through the top four cards of my deck and pick out a non-creature card for whatever situation I may find myself in.

Gonti, Lord of Luxury is a creature that grows in power against my opponent depending on their game plan, against control he ruins their game plan by often times stealing one of their answers or win-cons. Against combo he can steal a combo piece and finally though perhaps the weakest matchup aggro where he can steal one of their bigger creatures or one of their burn spells though really the strongest part would be the deathtouch in the aggro matchup.

Power Cards

Torrential Gearhulk seen as a staple in any Control deck running Blue due to having Flash and recasting an Instant from the Graveyard making it a very powerful and versatile card while having a very strong body to back itself up.

Chandra, Torch of Defiance is a Planeswalker which provides more options than just about any Planeswalker currently in the Standard Format, Two damage to my opponent's face each turn or casting the top card of my deck while also just being a source of two red mana or even just four damage to one of my opponent's creatures. The ultimate also should I ever manage to get it off pretty much ends the game on its own.

The Scorpion God oddly enough has proven himself countless times to be amazing in a Grixis control deck, he can be a brick wall against larger creatures as he often trades with them and then returns to my hand at the end-step. He can also ruin token strategies through the use of his ability to put down -1/-1 counters on creatures which also allows me to draw cards. Overall a very powerful creature and often overlooked.

Removal Options

Fatal Push is the all round staple spot removal in the standard format, it removes a lot of the most heavily played creatures even without the revolt trigger.

Abrade acts as a three damage spot removal or a way of actively removing artifacts straight up no questions asked, most notably it removes Torrential Gearhulk in the mirror match and it also removes God-Pharaoh's Gift which is core in one of the top meta decks currently.

Vraska's Contempt


Vizier of Many Faces is a strong card which helps deal with bigger creatures as I can make a copy of it to block with or just use them to copy my own creatures to help in ending the game.

River's Rebuke is a useful kind of board sweeper in that when an opponent's deck intends to go wide with lots of tokens it can easily get rid of them all or if they just get a lot of nonland permanents down I can quickly get them back into my opponent's hand and buy myself a turn or allow me to push through a couple of points of damage to finish the game.

Hour of Devastation

Essence Scatter x2 and Negate x2 are my counter-spell options when I have a better idea of the matchup I'm going into come game 2/3. Essence Scatter is good against heavy creature decks and can easily catch people out after coming from game 1 where I'd be using Censor. Negate is better for the control matchups or matchups I feel I need to be able to catch non-creature spells where Censor can sometimes fall short.

Nicol Bolas, God-Pharaoh is a powerful planeswalker which I side in if I feel I can be a little greedy or if I am in a control matchup.

The Locust God

Kefnet the Mindful

Pull from Tomorrow

Glorybringer is a strong midrange flyer which I side in when I feel I need to shift into a more midrange focus for game 2/3. Glorybringer also serves as another form of removal by exerting when attacking doing four damage to a creature my opponent controls.

Other Options for Mainboard/Sideboard

Kefnet the Mindful would be a powerful card in the control mirror as he forces a response out of my opponent because otherwise I am given the chance to almost always draw cards through him and beat them to death with a 5/5 flyer.

Vraska, Relic Seeker

Baral, Chief of Compliance


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