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All aboard, rakdos sailors! (Budget aggro pirates)

Standard BR (Rakdos) Budget Tribal


I included a lot of one-drop and two-drops cards to take advantage of the board early in the game.

Daring Buccaneer is quite powerful in the first turns, Fathom Fleet Captain makes you a menace army while Kari Zev, Skyship Raider never attacks alone.

Captain Lannery Storm gets you some mana to cast 4 drops like Dire Fleet Neckbreaker which boosts the power of your fellow sailors while Captivating Crew can help you get your hands on that annoying creature your opponents just threw at you.

I loved the idea of adding ships to the deck so I threw 2 Fell Flagship and 2 Skysovereign, Consul Flagship ... They add a lot to the thematic !

I also included some removal spells like Abrade, Mutiny or Walk the Plank.

Overall, I'm satisfied with the rapidity of the deck, but I'm kinda lost when my opponents cast flying creatures or when the game lasts longer (daring Buccaneer is fun on turn one but quite decieving on turn 10)

Feel free to tell me what you think or what you'd change/add/remove

Have fun


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