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Pirates and Dinos and Spells, Oh My



Looking to help improve this (maybe replacing Ferocidon or optimize the lands a bit)

Basically a standard burner deck, focusing on getting a ToH ~turn 15. The Strike is more for to face damage, while Magma Spray does what it's description does, and pairs decently with Fatal Push to KO 3 toughness creatures. Shock is there for the nice middle ground between the two. Contempt is a decent creature removal mid-game and can give you some needed life.

I have no idea with the side board, I dislike artifact decks so I tend to stock anti-artifact spells, but I know sideboard could be so much better. :/

Thanks for the help

[Edits]Kitesail Freeboote > Bomat Courier // Scrapped Angrath to help with Mana conservation // Added Lands to give 22 // Dropped Rampaging Ferocidon and Magma Spray to 3x


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Magma Spray was pretty niche, and Shock tends to be a bit more flexible, Magma Spray can also work to shut down key components of Dredge/Zombie decks.


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