This deck started as a Vorel of the Hull Clade deck, but after seeing Pir, Imaginative Rascal and Toothy, Imaginary Friend in action I couldn't help but make the change. Pir's ability to interact with other forms of counters as well as +1/+1 is seriously strong! I'm still trying some things out with this build, but so far I've been getting great results!

General Strategy

     My playgroup is very creature focused, so I've elected to use a swarm strategy: using +1/+1 Counters to ramp up Chasm Skulker , Hangarback Walker or Hooded Hydra . In combination with either Master Biomancer and/or Zameck Guildmage this can rapidly turn your big, badass creatures into a huge army, and gives you a nice insurance policy against board wipes.

     Being able to essentially double up (and triple up with Doubling Season ) Loyalty counters is hugely impactful. Your walkers are now a target that must be prioritized, with their ultimate abilities coming out within a couple of turns instead of three or four. Ideally I'll be looking for flesh out my Planeswalker package with a few more in the future.

    TLDR - Big-Dick Damage, Draw Cards, Swarm the Board & Abuse Planeswalkers.

    Thanks for Viewing! Leave a Comment or Hit that +1 if you like what you see! :)



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