Pir and Toothy! This is my main deck for commander night at my LGS. This may not seem competitive but my LGS has a few rules and ive adapted the deck for that meta. Notably Infinite combos and alternative Win-cons before turn 10+ result in taking yourself out of the game while the rest continue. (you still "Won" but you only win 1 pack instead of the 4, its a pack per person taken out)

The deck has a few main strategies.

1."Sweet Sweet Card Advantage!" Toothy and Pir have a great interaction with flicker cards like Essence Flux and repeatable ones like Deadeye Navigator. Say pir has any number of +1/+1 counter on him, you flicker him with Pir out, and he'll come back with double counters. (the spell has to finish resolving before toothy's ETB will start resolving) Flicking also helps to stop your opponents targeted removal. As a side note toothy and pir have an ETB to let you shuffle your library (fail to finds) which is useful with sylvan library,brainstorm and top. (those cards stack crazy amounts of counters on toothy)

2."Planeswalker Ults..but it came out last turn!" I only have 5 Planeswalkers and with pir out they Ultimate the turn after they come out. The only ones that aren't in the deck are Ugin and Nissa,vital force. Nothings wrong with them but the rest win the game if not that turn the advantage they give will do it for you.

3."Unblockable Commander Damage and Extra Turns!" Toothy gets so big that he's hard to block and they don't want to kill him because of the card advantage he brings. The extra turns part is to finish the job because making toothy unblockable makes you threat one at the table.

Since your using Extra turn cards and flicker effects like conjurers closet(progenitor mimic,deadeye,nephalia smuggler) anyway simply adding eternal witness will make a loop of infinite turns.

4."Drawing cards... to actually win" Psychosis Crawler and Lab maniac turn the Flickers to actual very reliably win cons without having to wing or go infinite.

5."Free stuff!" Card advantage doesn't mean much if you cant cast them. Mana Crypt,Force of will,Gitaxian Probe,sol ring,misdirection,foil,As Foretold but most importantly Treachery and Dream halls. You can Either steal their wincon and dream halls is basically omniscience but more fair.

This may all seem to equal to many win cons but they all synergize and the amount of card advantage you get from the initial plan will allow you to just pick and choose what way you wanna go that best wins the game.

and finally and it's less about winning 6."Protecting yourself...or not" The deck runs 6 counter spells (More if you include Heroic Intervention,Misdirection and the flickers) However if you find that an opponent targets you a lot while you play like I have you can flip the switch from winning to just making sure they don't win with the removal and counter magic you have! However the main goal of them is to just protect your wincons.


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