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Pir and Toothy spell slinger

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This deck is all about drawing cards, mainly by getting Toothy, Imaginary Friend really big then flickering him. When toothy is flickered with Essence Flux his leaves the battlefield triggered ability will go on the stack after the flicker ability has resolved. Therefore, he will have already re-entered the battlefield before the draw triggers and he will then see all of those draw triggers and regrow to his previous size. This is where things get interesting. If Pir, Imaginative Rascal is also out on the field when Toothy, Imaginary Friend is flickered Toothy will not grew to his previous size, but instead double the number of counters.

This makes Conjurer's Closet extremely good. All of the Brainstorm can-trip effects are easy ways to get him pumped up quick. Essence Flux Type of flicker effects are also ways to dodge single target removal spells like Murder . The removal spell targets toothy then you flicker him in response then toothy will enter the battlefield as a new creature and the removal spell will fizzle for not having a target.

Win Conditions

Laboratory Maniac is the only win condition you need in this deck. It consistently decks out the entire library if the game goes on long enough. I have found out that after Toothy, Imaginary Friend has a lot of counters opponents will purposely kill him to make you draw out your library. This is where Flash for Laboratory Maniac will come in.

If you can't draw out your library then just Enter the Infinite for Laboratory Maniac win.

Rogue's Passage + 21 counters on Toothy, Imaginary Friend = commander damage win. 21 counters happens almost every game. If the game goes on long enough.

Simic Ascendancy for alternate win condition when new set comes out! excited!

My experiences

This deck has been an exorbitant amount of fun. If the table has played against the deck before they will immediately try to kill toothy on the turn he comes out. This is why Daze type of effects are so important. Every single game I get asked the same question. "Is As Foretold on every players turn or just your turn?" The most counters I have gotten on As Foretold with Pir, Imaginative Rascal is nine!

Be vigilant when someone else is playing a flicker deck like with Eldrazi Displacer . They will flicker toothy and you will draw your entire library and lose.

Only a $180 build

This deck is pretty cheap and is there anything better than beating a table full of $1,000 decks. This deck puts people in such a dilemma. Do you taking the 30/30 toothy damage or try to kill it and let the person draw 30 cards. I hope you all enjoy! Thanks for stopping by.


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