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Pir and Toothy go for a walk!

Commander / EDH Counters G/U (Simic)



Welcome to my Pir and Toothy budget build for EDH :)

This deck is meant to be fun to play and for casual/friendly metas.

The basic themes of this deck are +1/+1 counter distribution which leads to big creatures and lots of draw.

The deck is built from cards that are all $2 or less (except a few exceptions), making the overall build less than $80! I think that's pretty good for a EDH deck :)

When I first saw Pir and Toothy spoiled in Battlebond I didn't look all that closely simply because of so many of the other cards being spoiled at that time. It wasn't til I saw another Pir and Toothy deck on here that I realized how cool they actually are as a duo.... In my eyes, they're fun, friendly and powerful together. They also open the doors for one of my favorite strategies - +1's!

Because of this I thought I'd throw something together for a budget player. Usually +1 counter creatures are relatively cheap because they're not universally useful. They need to be used in a +1 counter shell, which isn't that common overall.

Anyway, thanks for stopping by and checking this deck out :) I hope you like it enough to leave a +1 of your own!


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This deck is Commander / EDH legal.

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