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I can't take most of the credit for this deck, October of last year Merchant of Youtube/Twitch made a video about a zero rare Beamsplitter Mage deck. It was created prior to Ravnica Allegiance and War of the Spark sets had been released. I feel like this needs to be revisited, but as a less budgeted version with the addition of cards like Dreadhorde Arcanist and Samut's Sprint . The loss of Adeliz, the Cinder Wind does make this deck seem less than ideal now, but The Royal Scions is a really good replacement and does what this deck wants to do. I brought back in Wee Dragonauts and dropped Stealth Mission , as much as I like that card, I don't think it is as good as the previous additions.

  • Barge In works very well here, mostly due to the fact that there are no human wizards, and Beamsplitter Mage with another creature gives +2/+2 and trample on all creatures.
  • Maximize Altitude helps to trigger Winged Words and Jump Start allows to pitch cards that can be used for Arcanist targets.
  • Samut's Sprint is such a good card, you can practically scry 4 with a Beamsplitter and an Arcanist on the board from first main phase to declaration of attackers.
  • Crackling Drake , after it was pointed out, has a better survival rate and a bigger upside to Wee Dragonauts , though it isn't a Wizard.
  • Opt is a cheap scry and draw, lets us filter through our deck.
  • Shock gives some outs for damage on various targets.
  • Winged Words gives us draws, Maximize Altitude helps if no flyer are on the battlefield to make it a cheaper cast.

Re-work in progress. Biggest Achilles heel would likely be against control. The sideboard is still a general issue, will look for alternatives.


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