This deck is a more streamlined version of a previous deck I constructed.


Lock your opponent out of combat by using cards that make it extremely cost prohibitive Mana wise. The goal is to blanket the battlefield with denial spells that essentially create a fort from which you can assemble an army of flyers or clerics. The principal of this deck isn't too win by combat damage per say, but draw the game into an match of attrition.


The current meta for modern was taken into consideration when determining the appropriate cards for the mainboard. Since burn, mid-range, and Tron appear to dominate my LGS's meta, I have adapted the strategy to best counter these decks accordingly. I have broken the cards down into two categories: Fort and Army


The very foundation our strategy is predicated upon, is that of making the battlefield so agonizingly cost prohibitive for the opponent to enter combat or use activated abilities. In essence we are in it for the long haul, and generally speaking the longer we are allowed to play magic, the more likely we will win the match (or draw). In order to play this deck effectively the player will require patience and a good working knowledge of thier respective meta.

Ghostly Prison - Oppressive card that can shutdown aggro and strategies extremely effectively by T3. This makes your opponent consider their decisions to either cast that extra spell or swing for combat damage.

Sphere of Safety - Doublely oppressive late game (i.e. T5+) card that can seriously lock any aggro or mid-range deck out of fair magic.

Runed Halo - Excellent card for dealing with any pretty much any threat on the battlefield, and can tear apart certain combo strategies that interact with you directly.

Copy Enchantment - Grants the effect of having more than 4 copies of any one particular enchantment in this deck, and one of the only reasons for splashing blue. Whoever said redundancy was a bad thing? Redundancy is how most competitive decks operater in MTG and this deck is no exception.

Leyline of Sanctity - Highly effective at shutting down burn, hand disruption, and control strategies. This card should be considered a staple in the mainboard based on the current meta.

Porphyry Nodes - Great T3+ card for laying on the creature hate. This card can also systematically wipe an opponents board late game when Heliod's devotion is active and on the battlefield.

Greater Auramancy - Ride the wave to victory by protecting your vital asset's from targeted removal spells. Even better if you have two or more on the battlefield simultaneously, as aside from mass removal there's very little your opponent can do to deal with your board.


Heliod, God of the Sun - Hallmark card for flooding the board with clerics late game that also synergize perfectly with Sphere of Safety .

Thassa, God of the Sea - Yet another reason I splashed blue, this card can act as a fantastic filter engine that helps smooth out draws.

Myth Realized - This card has some interesting characteristics that work extremely well in this deck. That is it can creep up in power level, perform combat tricks, evade blockers with Thassa, and offer resilience with Greater Auramancy on the battlefield.

Luminarch Ascension - This card helps massively with sealing your opponents fate late game, as it can swarm the board with psuedo-evassive (flying) creatures.


Essentially the plan is to build a defensive fort that will lock your opponent out of fair magic and later be used to establish an army of 4/4 flyers and 2/1 clerics that shall be used to swarm the board. In reality you will most likely mill either yourself or your opponent one way or another.


To be continued...


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