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Pili-pala's revenge




Combo:Grand Architect + Pili-Pala = infinite mana. And with infinite mana you can win, using the follwing

Win conditions:Kessig Wolf Run, mindshreieker, Duskmantle Guildmage ;Note: you can win by the Mindshrieker itself; I thought about adding a secondary win combo:Duskmantle Guildmage + Mindcrank but for now it's up to the test, as it needs 3 colours instead of two.

Filtering/Digging: Commune with Nature , Serum Visions, Remand;I thought about adding Tracker's Instincts because of the flashback and its love with Postmortem Lunge, but it's also up to testing;

Tutoring:Muddle the Mixture for your creature win-cons and the Pili-Pala itself;Fauna Shaman, for obvious reasons

Synergies:Fauna Shaman loves Postmortem Lunge;Pact of Negation saves your ass a lotSummoner's Pact can be comboed with Grand Architect if you have the Pili-Pala on the battlefield

How to play this deck:

A) no disruption: 1. Filter -> 2. place pili-pala -> 3. place architect, attack with pili, combo off

B)Disruption:1.Filter -> 2.pili-pala in grave ->3.architect on the field ->4.postmortem lunge on pili-pala and combo off


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