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Pilgrim's Guide to the Galaxy (Golos, EDH)

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I am Golos, the wanderer a simulacrum given life by a master artificer of Kaladesh a thousand years ago. For centuries I wandered the multiverse seeking my purpose. As I wandered to distant places, the planes spoke to me and I heard their cries of anguish. Each plane visited fed my mind images of events to come; chaos, a great conflux of mana, a horned dragon, and the death of planes. Pathetic slaves worshiping false gods and a great planar portal. They whispered names of those who would be born with great power, agents of destruction, who would disrupt the very fabric of the multiverse with their perverse use of mana. Slumbering titans with the power to stop these parasites and finally a great maze cleansing the multiverse. The visions stopped but I still heard the suffering of the plains stronger than ever and in that moment I knew my purpose. I was no longer Golos, the wanderer. I was the tireless pilgrim, the caretaker of the planes and it was time to return.


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