"You will scream out your innermost secrets just to make it stop"

This is my Modern mono black control deck. My primary win con is infect.

The creatures I use are:

Phyrexian Crusader: I really like this guy. He is very hard to get rid of. Seeing how he is a pro white, pro red black creature, he can't be Doom Bladed, Bolted or Pathed. Plus, he is a First Striking infecter.

Phyrexian Vatmother : this is my fatty. Great body. A 4/5 infect for 4 mana can be terrifying once it starts swinging. Also, She can block a fair amout of different creatures that are played in modern. Her downside doesn't affect me at all. The game should be over before I get to 10 poison counters.

Plague Stinger: my little flying infecter. It's nice to have another form of evasive infect other than Nexus.

Skithiryx, the Blight Dragon: this badass is a great finisher. Evasion with possible haste, regeneration and most importantly, Infect. He comes in swinging with infectious claws and fangs, ready to make the final blow.

Inkmoth Nexus: See Non-basic lands.

To control the game, I use discard spells and removal spells. The discard spells I use are:

Blackmail : With the amount of discard I play, Blackmail is a great card as my opponent will be at 3 cards in hand very quick. I can also hit lands with it.

Funeral Charm : Is such a good card in this deck. It does four separate things for one mana! It's instant discard, buff, removal or evasion (with Urborg on the field). Being able to tell someone who is top decking to discard the card they just drew is priceless. Getting the last few points of infect on my opponent. Killing a mana dork (Birds of Paradise). All in one instant, such a great card.

Inquisition of Kozilek: One of the best discard spells in modern. It can get rid of your opponents strongest turn 1-3 play on your turn 1.

Raven's Crime: I like this spell because of its Retrace ability. Once I'm at 5 lands I can start pitching them from my hand to play it again and again.

Thoughtseize: Amazing discard spell. Can hit anything in you opponents hand (except land) for 2 life. I only run 1 MB because the loss of life is to great to pay. I have other discard spells that work just fine.

Wrench Mind: This is a great turn 2 play once you've made your opponent discard on turn 1. Most of the time, the opponent doesn't have an artifact to discard.

The removal spells I use are:

Devour Flesh: I use this card mostly for hexproof and indestructible creatures. I like this card over Geth's Verdict because it costs 1B not BB. It doesn't matter if my opponent gains life, my win con is infect.

Disfigure: Good early game removal.

Funeral Charm : see discard

Go for the Throat: Solid removal, unless I'm up against Affinity.

The cards I use for card draw are:

Night's Whisper: I like this card for its casting cost, 1B. I also prefer it over Sign in Blood because I'm not going to kill an opponent by making them draw 2 and lose 2 life.

Phyrexian Arena: I love this card. It gets me solid card advantage. I find it better than Dark Confidant in this build.

I use one buff card:

Vampire's Bite : This card helps my opponent get to 10 poison counters faster. Can also be kicked late game to give the targeted creature life link and save me from death.

For artifacts, I use:

Runechanter's Pike: This equipment is a fate sealer. It doesn't take long to fill up my graveyard with instants and sorceries to make this card very potent. Once I equip this artifact to one of my infect creatures, it's game over man, GAME OVER!

The non-basic lands I use are:

Cathedral of War: I have this as a one-of in this deck to help win a bit faster.

Ghost Quarter: Land destruction is always fun. This card helps me control the board by destroying my opponents key lands.

Inkmoth Nexus: This "manland" fits perfect in this deck. Animate to get a 1/1 flying infect creature. Seems good. Animate and equip Runechanter's Pike. Seems awesome! I've won games because of the Inkmoth Pike combo. With enough instants and sorcerers in the graveyard, all it could take is one swing.

Urborg, Tomb of Yawgmoth: This land is great for making my Cathedral and Inkmoths tap for B. It also helps by making my opponents lands Swamps so my creatures can become unblockable with a perfectly timed Funeral Charm.

My Sideboard is pretty basic. I'll go over the cards quickly. Devour Flesh, Thoughtseize and Smother get sided in against more creature heavy decks. Bile Blight is used against token decks mostly. Mutilate is used against aggro decks or zoo decks. I would play Damnation instead but I'm trying to keep this deck somewhat affordable. Duress gets sided in against decks with few creatures. I side in Pithing Needle against Planeswalkers and anything else with activated abilities. Last but not least, Surgical Extraction. This little spell can ruin a fellow Planeswalkers day. I usually side this one in for combo decks, graveyard interaction decks and anything else that annoys me. I use this card over Extirpate because of the Phyrexian mana. When you can turn 1 Duress, Inquisition or Thoughtseize a piece of a combo and Extract it from the game on the same turn, that's fun.

Thanks for taking a look at my deck. Comments and upvotes would be greatly appreciated.


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