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Phyrexian Unlife/Solemnity Selesnya Sacrifice

Modern GW (Selesnya) Infinite Combo Mill



I was inspired by this with the move of Altar of Dementia to modern via Modern Horizons.

So Phyrexian Unlife and Solemnity make it impossible for your to lose the game due to life loss already, but keep this in mind: due to the latter, creatures with persist and undying keep recurring onto the battlefield because they never get counters.

With this in mind, we can either mill our opponent out with Altar of Dementia or burn them down with Grinding Station until there's nothing left, using the following creatures: Kitchen Finks , Safehold Elite and Young Wolf .

Even the most control heavy match-ups will have a hard time with cards such as Leyline of Sanctiy, Oblivion Ring , Journey to Nowhere and Greater Auramancy (especially to protect your Pyrexian Unlife and Solemnity combo).

I'm definitely open to suggestions in green enchantments to better optimize the inclusion of green mana outside of Young Wolf but I was unsure of what to use.

I hope you liked the deck, and thanks for reading!


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